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Funny Flirt SMS Messages

Funny Flirt SMS messages are naughty and mischievous words sent to the loved ones through SMS.  These messages are hilarious but still carry the strong emotion of love and attachment. These messages can bring a smile on the face of your loved ones and they are also helpful in cheering up your angry partner. The… Read More »

Flirty Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

Flirty messages for ex-boyfriend are messages send by a girl to his ex-boyfriend. These messages are sent by the girl to show that she is not at all happy with their decision of breaking apart and want to re-unite again. This is simple yet naughty way of describing your love and re-collecting all the memories… Read More »

Flirty Messages for Ex-Girlfriend

Flirty messages for ex-girlfriend are messages send by a boy to his ex-girlfriend, with whom he was in a relationship once. These messages are rather a naughty and humor filled way of lightening up the old memories of a relationship and ignite the flame of love all over again. Such text messages act as a… Read More »

Flirty Messages To Girlfriend

If you have met with a lady who had caught your fancy or you want to feel the early jitters of your love life again then flirty messages could be a way through which you can start with.  Flirty messages to girlfriend are way through which you can express your interest or fondness for someone.… Read More »

Flirty Messages to Your Boyfriend

Flirty messages to your boyfriend are a perfect blend of naughty feelings along with love gestures. These are sent by a girlfriend to her boyfriend or partner. These messages are though sent in a naughty and playful mood but carries hidden love feelings behind. Such messages helps in turning the relationship among the couple exciting… Read More »

Flirty I Love You Text Messages

Flirty I love you text messages are messages sent to a loved one, partner, beloved or friend. They convey the emotions with a gentle note but in a flirty way. Given here below are some of the samples of flirty I love you message that can be used by anyone. Sample Flirty I Love You Text… Read More »

Flirty Birthday Card Messages

Flirty birthday card messages are messages to express a wish on the birthday in a flirty manner. These messages are filled with fun and mischief so as to make the birthday of the loved ones even more memorable. Here are few examples of flirty birthday card messages as quoted below. Sample Flirty Birthday Card Messages [blockquote]If… Read More »

Flirty Good Morning Messages for Him

Flirty good morning messages for him are messages sent to fiancé or loved one, to express love, fondness, etc along with a wish to say good morning. They are sent with mixed feelings like happiness, loneliness, excitement, love etc. Below given are some samples of flirty good morning messages for him. Sample Flirty Good Morning Messages… Read More »

Flirty Good Morning Messages for Her

Flirty good morning messages for her are those messages that are sent to loved one or beloved, as an expression of remembrance first thing in the morning. The tones of these messages are very happy and filled with naughtiness. Below are some examples of flirty good morning messages for her. Sample Flirty Good Morning Messages for… Read More »