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Friendship Greeting Card Messages

Friendship is the most important and most beautiful relationship possible between any two people. It is friendship which binds souls together for years. To express a heartfelt thought or feeling to a friend, the best way is to send across a greeting card message. A friendship greeting card message is a type of a message… Read More »

Funny SMS Messages for Friends

Friends are the ones we share our lives, sorrow and worries with. They are also the ones we crack most jokes with. The funny SMS messages for friends are the messages which are exchanged between friends via the medium of SMS or text. These messages must be humorous in nature and should be able to… Read More »

Funny Friendship Short Messages

Friendship is the most beautiful and amazing relation two individuals can have with each other. Funny friendship short messages are those short and compact messages that we all make use of in writing to our dear friends. The messages are humorous and can accommodate a wide range of meaning or feelings as the central theme… Read More »

Romantic Friendship Messages for Her

There are many friendships in the world which change to relationships of romance and love. In such cases, the friends may wish to exchange romantic messages with each other through text, social networking sites or emails. Romantic friendship messages for her are those types of messages which a boy writes for his friend to express… Read More »

Friendship Messages for Whatsapp

Friends are the spice of life and add jest to it and therefore sending messages to friends is fun and a way to let them know how much they mean to you. Friendship messages on Watsapp should be short but meaningful and you may include a cute picture to accentuate your words. The message should… Read More »

Friendship Motivational Quotes

Motivation is an expression which can convince anyone to achieve anything in life and everyone needs motivation at some point or the other in life.  The best motivators for each one of us are our friends and what better way to motivate a friend than writing them a motivational quote. A friendship motivational quote is… Read More »

Sad Friendship Quotes

Friendship is a wonderful relationship between two people that is based on trust, support, love, faith and understanding. But sometimes, friends have to see sad days of separation or fights.  In such situations, exchanging sad friendship messages called sad friendship quotes is common. Sad friendship quotes are quotes about friendship which are sad in tone… Read More »

Friendship Quotes For Students

Friendship is the most wonderful relation in the world and it is important to teach students the importance of friendship. One way to do so is by writing friendship quotes for students. These quotes can be sent by the means of SMS, email, with cards or other means. Friendship quotes for students must be able… Read More »

Friendship Quotes For Girls

Friendship quotes are the quotes which throw light on the importance of the relation of friendship and contain an important friendship related message or thought. To express feelings of friendship for your friend, the best way is to write them a friendship quote. Friendship quotes for girls are those quotes of friendship which are written… Read More »

Friendship Miss You Quotes

Friendship is a relationship between two hearts which holds utmost importance in everybody’s lives. When two friends are apart, they miss each other and in such a scenario, the best way to tell your friend that you miss him/her is by sending a friendship miss you quote. Such quotes express the feelings of the sender… Read More »