Funny Friendship Short Messages

Friendship is the most beautiful and amazing relation two individuals can have with each other. Funny friendship short messages are those short and compact messages that we all make use of in writing to our dear friends. The messages are humorous and can accommodate a wide range of meaning or feelings as the central theme of the messages.

Sample Funny Friendship Short Messages

  • The crazy nights, the crazy silly jokes and the crazy pranks make our memories. Actually all the crazy things I do are because of you my crazy friend.
  • We keep fighting for the bigger piece of cake, the smaller piece of homework and the single sup of coffee. And though you always loose, we still remain friends.
  • It is amazing how our friendship is based on the most awkward of conversations, the most inappropriate form of sense of humour and the endless teasing.
  • I commend you dear friend for being able to keep up with the fast,7 smart and sexy human being like me for so many years without developing any complexes. Ha! Ha!
  • Good friends like me do not let you do anything without thinking it through, and I am too tired I jump in the stupidity with you.
  • Dear friend you are just like a wedgies, you are intimately close to me but still are a pain in the ass, which is why I am happy I picked you out.
  • I wish I could be as lucky as you are in finding amazing, dashing, clever and talented friends like you found me. But I guess I have to make do with you and my stupid luck.
  •  You my dear friend are the craziest person I have ever known, but I still love you. So hope you’ll love me when I tell you that I totalled your car.
  • I love you to the core my dear friend, but it is high time that I told you that you aren’t funny. So please stop cracking the PJs and making a fool out of the both of us.
  • The strangers who meet you think you are quiet, a few of your friends think you are out going but only get the pleasure to experience the truth that you are completely insane.
  • It’s the funny friendship we share where all nighters mean not leaving to pee, where cakes are meant to beautify the face and everything in life is to be shared no matter what.

Friendship Greeting Card Messages

Friendship is the most important and most beautiful relationship possible between any two people. It is friendship which binds souls together for years. To express a heartfelt thought or feeling to a friend, the best way is to send across a greeting card message.

A friendship greeting card message is a type of a message which someone writes inside a greeting card to greet a friend. Such messages must not be too lengthy and should be kept precise. You can refer to the following given examples and samples if you wish to write one such message:

Sample Friendship Greeting Card Messages

  • Our friendship is the most special relationship that I have ever been a part of. You have taught me to be strong and you have taught me to be brave. I love you dear friend.
  • Our friendship is a special gift from god, one that I would never wish to part ways from. I hope we remain friends for life and spend our lives caring for one another.
  • I wonder what I would be if I didn’t have you as my friend.  I wonder how life would have turned if you weren’t there to guide me. Your friendship is valuable dear friend and I love you for life.
  • You are not just my friend but also my guide for life. You are a teacher who I trust completely to show me the right path in life. Without you, I would be incomplete. Our friendship is simply amazing.
  • We fight, we argue and we don’t speak to each other for days, But we also love, we care and we look out for each other always.  We may not be like brothers and sisters or parents or family,But we are two people who make each so happy. God bless our friendship.
  • There may be a golden ship and a ship made of silver.There may be a ship made of bronze and a metal ship,But there is no ship in the world like your friendship.
  • When two people come together and promise one another to be friends, the relationship which takes birth is called friendship. Your friendship is important to me and I promise never to leave you in life.
  • From the days when we wore diapers, to the days that we wear formal blazers, our friendship has survived. Lucky to have a friend like you.
  • My parents may be special, my siblings may be important but there is no one who can take place of my friend.

Funny SMS Messages for Friends

Friends are the ones we share our lives, sorrow and worries with. They are also the ones we crack most jokes with. The funny SMS messages for friends are the messages which are exchanged between friends via the medium of SMS or text. These messages must be humorous in nature and should be able to make the recipient laugh or smile.

Sample Funny SMS Messages for Friends

  • You have chosen me as your best friend and there is nothing I can really do about this tragedy of my life.
  • Dear friend I promise to be a part time actor pretending to be your lesbian lover whenever you want to get rid of the creepy guy hitting on you.
  • Whenever anyone troubles you, just go ahead and punch him with all your strength. I’ll be right behind you with my running shoes on.
  • When you like a girl just let me know dear friend, because if I hit on her first she will never even give you shot.
  • Growing old with your friends is the most amazing part of life, where actually growing up may completely skip the equation.
  • I can trust you with my deepest and darkest secret, but when it comes to my lunch, my chocolates and the girl I am planning to hit on, all the trust vanishes.
  • As your friend it is my duty to listen to your endless drama over and over again. And also reserve the right to smack you when it’s finally time to move on.
  • Sometimes I feel that I could not handle your multiple personalities even if there was a manual to handle you m dear spastic friend.
  • Dear friend I promise that I will always be there to pick you up whenever you fall. But that will happen just as soon as I stop laughing my heart out and embarrassing you.
  • They say that friends are the siblings that the almighty forgets to give us. Well after meeting you I feel I was better off alone. He! He! Love you dear friend.
  • I was having a pretty crappy day until you came into the picture and made it all the crappier.
  • I am thinking that if true friends are like diamonds, why aren’t you worth anything when I take you to the jewellers.
  • Please dear friend learn to appreciate what you have, value me and you shall realise the true worth of your otherwise crappy life.

Romantic Friendship Messages for Her

There are many friendships in the world which change to relationships of romance and love. In such cases, the friends may wish to exchange romantic messages with each other through text, social networking sites or emails. Romantic friendship messages for her are those types of messages which a boy writes for his friend to express a romantic thought or feeling.

These messages must be brief and not too lengthy in nature. For your reference, a few samples and examples of such messages are provided below.

Sample Romantic Friendship Messages for Her

  • You came into my life as a friend and then the love bug hit us both. This love bug has totally made me fall for you and go crazy about everything you do or say. Hope this love lasts forever and so does our friendship.
  • Friendship may be a very sweet gift from god but what I really cherish is this amazing romantic affair and relationship that we share. I love the way our friendship has transformed after all these years and how it has shaped up.
  • I miss you my dear friend, I miss everything about you. I wish I could see you, I wish I could see your smile.  I thank the gods for introducing me to someone so beautifully, both physically and mentally.
  • Your friendship has changed me and made me into a better man. I wish we could be together forever and take this beautiful relation to another level. Do you feel it too?
  • When I look at you, I see years of friendship gone past and a new flower budding from this amazing relationship. I feel like there is something more between us than just friendship. I think it is love.
  • We started off as friends and grew into lovers. Our relationship of love grew into something more mature and we have come all this way to become partners.  But still I see you as my best friend and buddy for life. Cheers to our friendship.
  • Friendship and love often go hand in hand. And in our case, this is so very true. We may be best friends but we have also managed to be lovers. God bless our relationship.
  • The best thing about our relationship is that after all these years as a couple, we have managed to be best friends. We have shared our happiness, our sadness and our deepest secrets so well.

Friendship Messages for Whatsapp

Friends are the spice of life and add jest to it and therefore sending messages to friends is fun and a way to let them know how much they mean to you. Friendship messages on Watsapp should be short but meaningful and you may include a cute picture to accentuate your words. The message should convey your feelings in a simple way without beating around the bush. Read on to find some lovely messages you can send to your friends on Whatsapp and bring smile to their faces

Sample Friendship Messages for Whatsapp

  • True friends do not need to keep in constant touch. They pick up from where they left off each time, every time.
  • Friends are like a bunch of flowers. Each one brings a special colour and fragrance to the bouquet of life.
  • A true friend will love you and accept you in spite of, not because of.
  • Friends never judge you, nor do they condemn you. They only come to you when you need them and bring happiness and laughter when you desire it the most.
  • Friendship is the only relationship which expects nothing in return.
  • Friends are the spice that add a distinct taste to life and make you crave for more.
  • Never ignore friends cause they will be the ones who will love you for who you are without being judgemental, they will laugh with you just because it is fun without expecting anything in return, they will help you face the demons when they are all out to get you and fight with them for you too.
  • Friends will fight with you over the last butt of the cigarette, they will haggle with you about who will pay the bill in the pizza shop, they will try to stop you from going on a date and make you sit with them instead. In the end, it is friends who will make it seem worthwhile to fight for all these things.
  • All said and done friends can make life tough for you by encroaching on the time you spend at work or with your family, as long as it doesn’t deal you a blow. Then the true friends will be your lighthouse, your banker as well as your relationship counsellor.
  • True friends can brighten the darkest of the days and the gloomiest of the moods. Never take friends for granted and always find time for them.

Friendship Motivational Quotes

Motivation is an expression which can convince anyone to achieve anything in life and everyone needs motivation at some point or the other in life.  The best motivators for each one of us are our friends and what better way to motivate a friend than writing them a motivational quote.

A friendship motivational quote is a message of motivation written from one friend to another. These messages must be encouraging and positive in tone and should be able to really motivate and inspire the recipient. A few samples of friendship motivational quotes are given below for reference.

Sample Friendship Motivational Quotes:

Whenever in life you fall down, remember that those who learn to rise after stumbling are the ones who learn to live life the way it is meant to be lived. So even if you fail, don’t give up as the skies are yours to touch my friend.

  • [blockquote]Don’t let a single negative thought cross your mind my friend. You are the master of your destiny and it is upto you to think positive and make your life worthwhile. So don’t give up and keep trying hard.[/blockquote]
  • You have all that it takes to be successful and happy. So don’t let little roadblocks stop you or slow you down on your path to glory. If you fall, get back again and start the journey with an experienced walk.
  • Your life is in your hands and is to be lived the way you want. So stop doing the things others do and crave your own niche. You can do it and I am sure you will.
  • So what if a little event has slowed you down. Fight with life and get what is yours. So get up, be inspired and move on again.
  • You have strength and you have courage, you have skills and you have the determination. So what are you waiting for, start your way to a new tomorrow and go make your dreams come true.
  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ]Life can be tough to anyone but if everyone sits down and becomes upset, how would the world move forward. So don’t let these little interruptions keep you from getting your goals and fulfilling your dreams. [/notice]

Without some problems, how can one become tough? Without a little bloodshed, how can a person be called a soldier?  Don’t be afraid of the dark as the light is near and the morning is clear.

Sad Friendship Quotes

Friendship is a wonderful relationship between two people that is based on trust, support, love, faith and understanding. But sometimes, friends have to see sad days of separation or fights.  In such situations, exchanging sad friendship messages called sad friendship quotes is common. Sad friendship quotes are quotes about friendship which are sad in tone and nature. Given in the following lines are a few sad friendship quotes which anyone can use for reference.

Sample Sad Friendship Quotes:

  • In the world that we live, we often have to face situations of sadness and fights, but even in such scenarios, we must learn to trust our friends however mad we are at them.  I am your friend and will remain so even if you do not talk to me.
  • Ever since my best friend has gone away, my life has become sad and low. I don’t feel like smiling as only my friend can bring that smile again. So come back John because I am incomplete without you.
  • Friendship is a journey which is made by two people who understand each other and support one another in happy times as well as sad. But I didn’t expect you to leave me on this tough road and seeing you leave makes me so sad.
  • I don’t want to say goodbye, but I don’t have a choice,

I will miss you presence, your jokes and your voice,

When you talk, that’s the only melody, everything else is just noise.

  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ] When friends stab each other on the back, hearts get broken and life becomes tough,

So promise me today that you shall never leave me and I promise the same to you my dear friend.

  • When you walk away, I become sad,

When you don’t talk, everything things bad,

I am sorry for my mistakes, please don’t be mad

Forgive me my friend, you are my best lad.[/notice]

  • [blockquote] Life is tough without no friends,

The days are long, the nights never end,

Without my buddies, life is difficult to spend,

If you come back, to you my heart I would lend.[/blockquote]

  • I cannot imagine my life to be such a happy journey without my friends at my side,

I am sure everything will be sad if my friends move away and lose touch. So let’s promise to each other today that we will keep in touch with each other, no matter where we are and what situation we are in.

Friendship Quotes For Students

Friendship is the most wonderful relation in the world and it is important to teach students the importance of friendship. One way to do so is by writing friendship quotes for students. These quotes can be sent by the means of SMS, email, with cards or other means. Friendship quotes for students must be able to bring out the essence of friendship. Given below are a few samples and examples of friendship quotes for students which can be taken into use as reference quotes.

Sample friendship quotes for students:

  • Friendship is the most lovely and warm relationship in the world and having friends is an important part of life. May we all be blessed with lovely friends.
  • Life is a gift but what makes life even better is a friend who can walk with us in this journey and help us at each difficult turn. So be a good friend and maintain this lovely relation for life.
  • Don’t let your best friends go away, hold onto them till the end and make sure that they are happy always.  Value this relation and don’t take it for granted.
  • There are parents, there are relatives and there are loved ones but none of these relationships is as beautiful as the relation of friendship. So make sure you choose your friends wisely as they play an important role in determining the direction of life.
  • Friends can teach us, friends can preach us and they can be our guides in life. Open your heart and choose friends who bring out the best in you. Friendship is precious so hold onto it tight.
  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ]Friends are a power who fuel our lives and bring happiness. Friends fill our lives with love and care. Don’t take this relationship for granted as it is important to value friends.[/notice]
  • Friends are a support system in our lives and friendship is a golden relationship which has love, care, happiness, joy and a lot of strength.
  • There are many relations and bonds in the world but there is no bond as strong as the bond of friendship. Make sure you strengthen this bond with love and extreme care.
  • [blockquote]A little bit of love, a little bit of care and a little bit of happiness. These are the ingredients that make a friendship successful. So make sure you add the right quantities of each to make a sweet dish.[/blockquote]

Friendship Quotes For Girls

Friendship quotes are the quotes which throw light on the importance of the relation of friendship and contain an important friendship related message or thought. To express feelings of friendship for your friend, the best way is to write them a friendship quote. Friendship quotes for girls are those quotes of friendship which are written to females or girls and sent through the means of cards, text messages or emails. A few samples of friendship quotes for girls have been provided below and anyone can use them as reference messages.

Sample Friendship Quotes For Girls:

  • The power of friendship is the most amazing power in the world and is a gift sent to us directly by the almighty. Treat this gift with care and value it for life.
  • When things are difficult and life is tough, it is our friends who rescue us from the rough.

They bring in hope, they bring in love, they give us care and they give us support. Friendship rocks.

  • Our families are our support system, our relatives are our strength but it is only friendship which is a mix of both support and strength and is the strongest relation in the world. Treat your friends with love as a friend once lost is lost for a lifetime.
  • Friendship teaches us care, friendship teaches lessons of life which are so rare.

Friendship is love, friendship is magic. It is only joy and is not tragic.

So hold the hand of your friend and never leave it, till the end of time.

  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ]You are my best friend and I promise never to leave your side, happen what may

You make me so happy and I will always do anything you say

You give me love, you bring happiness into my life,

You are more important to me than my parents or my wife.[/notice]

  • [blockquote] I thank god everyday for the lovely friends he has given me

I cannot imagine life without them, there is no direction which without them I can see.

I cherish this relation and I respect it with all my heart,

I will do anything for my friends as long as it is possible on my part.[/blockquote]

  • There is silver ship, there is golden ship,

But there is no ship like friendship.

  • Friends are a gift which god showers us with in life and I am thankful for getting the best present out of the lot.

Friendship Miss You Quotes

Friendship is a relationship between two hearts which holds utmost importance in everybody’s lives. When two friends are apart, they miss each other and in such a scenario, the best way to tell your friend that you miss him/her is by sending a friendship miss you quote. Such quotes express the feelings of the sender and can be sent by various means such as social networking sites, SMSs and with cards. A few examples of friendship miss you quotes are given below for anyone who wishes to frame a similar message.

Sample Friendship Miss You Quote:

  • Dear friend, ever since you have moved to a different city, I miss you a lot. Life is incomplete without you and I miss all the fun we used to have. Please come back so that we can enjoy like old times again.
  • Without your presence, I feel incomplete, without your support, life is empty

Without your smile, life is dull and without your friendship, I am nothing

I miss you dear friend and hope you were here.

  • Wish I could feel your presence in my life again, wish I could laugh

Wish I could come meet you soon, without you my life is tough

I miss you my bestest buddy and hope you miss me too.

  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ] I never thought I’ll miss you so much when you will go abroad to study. My life seems incomplete and dull without your laughter, without our conversations and without your presence.[/notice]
  • I miss you buddy, I miss you a loads,

I miss you my friend, on life’s empty roads.

Wish you could come back; wish we could be friends again,

Wish we could rejoice; wish we could reduce the pain.

  •  [blockquote] Friendship is a beautiful gift from Jesus and we only realise the importance of our friends once they move away. On this day, I miss you a lot in my life and hope you come back soon.
  • It’s only a week since you have left the city but I already miss you so much my best friend.
  • Missing you has become a habit, but now I wish you could come back soon so that we could relive the lovely moments spent with each other.
  • I miss our talks, I miss the laughter,[/blockquote]

I miss the walks; I miss you before and after

I am missing you a lot my friend.