All the Best Messages for Performers

All the best message is the type of message that are sent to those who are parting, working on a new project, setting up a new business, or performers of a live art. This is the the type of message that wishes the best of luck so that the people you are dedicating this to would be inspired to get good results after the tasks that they are going to do.

If it happens that a friend of yours is a performer and his or her date of event is just right around the corner, then you will benefit by reading the sample all the best messages in this article with all certainty. The messages you find below are for free that you may use at your leisure. You can apply some changes in words, phrases, and sentences in the message you choose if you see the necessity in doing so. Although rewording and rephrasing are suggested and recommended, you must always bear in mind to be wary in applying the changes for you to deliver the impact of your message. The tone should be uplifting which helps the readers become inspired and have a positive mindset. All the best messages can be written in a form of letter, in a card, or sent via sms text messages or the social media sites where you are both connected.

  • I can’t contain myself from this absolute excitement for I will finally get to see you perform live. You have been working day and night just to enhance your already furnished voice. I am a very proud friend of yours, though I envy you a little for having to the best in life in such a young age. I wish you all the best in life, and may your performance turn out the way you plan them to be. Good luck and God bless.
  • Good morning, (name of your friend), we’re three days from your performance and everything in here is just a disaster in motion. I can only breathe a sigh of relief from the way things are because the latter is normal. I keep on imagining the posters that we put in the halls of our schools and our heavily covered faces with make up which makes me excited even more each time I get a sight of them. I hope you feel the same as me for we have worked so hard for this, and I sure know we can leave significant impacts to our viewers from the art that would come to life. All the best of luck for us.


  • We can’t help the nights we abuse our liver with alcohol and cigars from the stress, nervousness, and excitement of our coming performance. Tomorrow night we will be living our dreams and hope everything doesn’t turn out to be a nightmare. I hope everyone is ready to let art echo in the soul of our ocean of an audience. Let this day be your relaxation day or the calming hours before we weather tomorrow’s storms that we share. Break a leg everyone!


  • Do you ever get the feeling of exhilaration where banners are waved and and time takes you back to the ancient days where everyone is dressed to the tens just to witness the spectacles of a play? Because I do every time I see the tarpaulins in the city. I am not the one who is going to perform but I am certain that I feel like I’m a part of that show. You have shed blood, sweat, and tears for this even and everyone is looking forward to see you on stage. My only wish to the Lord now is that he grants you the best of luck.


  • I have seen many a singer in my life and, usually, they were more nervous than excited but you are totally different. You are only excited and not threatened at all from your approaching performance day. This makes me so proud of you and even though you are already so compose I do hope that you will do a very good job in the day of the event. I look forward to your performance and I wish you all the best not only in the day of your performance but also in your coming days. Have a great day.


  • Come to think of it, my best friend’s band is the talk over the country now. I knew that you were going to make it big in life and I was right about it. I am so going to attend your jam session tonight for I haven’t heard you sing live for a long, long time now. Just to let you know, I bought your album and love every track in it. I wish all the best of luck for tonight, my friend.


  • Oh my God! I can’t believe all the stuff your group has been through just to win the judges’ votes and let your audition be a success. I tell you it is all going to be worth it in the end, for I have been a witness of the progress of your work. I have this sense of definitiveness in me which tells me that you will do great and not your group will only win the judges’ votes but so do their and the audience hearts.  I wish you all the best in the performance and may everyone not falter.


  • I heard this from the rumors that you will be one of the singers who will be joining the audition of the famous tv music competition The Voice. From the looks of it, I bet you a thousand dollar all four chairs will be turning towards you knowing how angelic and soulful your voice is. This audition will change your life for you possess everything that a passionate star should have. Consider this audition your first steps in the journey of fame and stardom. I will be here watching you from tv and wishing you all the best of luck.


  • Good day, (name of your friend), I watched tv last night and saw you there announcing your world tour starting next month. You have not  the faintest idea how I am so happy about this and at the same time excited for the tickets to come– rest assured that I will be buying the VIP ticket or you can provide me one if you feel like, you know I don’t like to argue over things which comes for free. Kidding! Please don’t disappoint me in your live performance for this ticket of yours costs a stinking fortune. Anyways, I wish you all the best and have a good one.


  • So where are the punks who convinced you that you will never make it big in life for your talent is a common one that deserves no recognition at all. I am so happy that I came to be as your friend and help you in your darkest times and convince you to not let go of the things that you are passionate at. You made yourself a star now and everyone recognizes you not only for your talent but, too, for having a humble heart. I wish you all the best in life and in your performance happening three months from now!


  • Have you seen those movies where a best friend gets too envious with her best friend so she decides to take away your life? Well guess what? I have studied the ritual of the evil and can chant the magic words without stuttering for I am about to take your life! LOL. Although I am a little jealous about your achievement and most especially your most awaited concert, I can’t get rid of this grin on my face that has been here from the day you announced to everyone about it. My happiness is in its extremities for this milestone of yours. I wish you all the best of luck in your boys and concert.


  • Hello, (name of your friend), your achievement has really inspired me to work hard on my dreams as well. I remember our days of youth when you dreamed of becoming one of the broadway gems while everyone laughed their lungs out with contempt. I have to admit that I laughed in the back of my mind, but when I saw you worked really hard on it I wished you all the best of luck in silence. Now here you are performing tonight in one of the famous arenas where the broadway gems had performed in the past. Through this letter my wish for the best of luck for you would no longer be in silence. Break a leg!


  • So I just turned on the TV and see you sang your heart out in front of people that I am not really familiar with. You got all their yeses and that you will be proceeding to the next phase of the competition which will be aired next week. I am so proud of you and can only wish you all the best of luck in obtaining the crowd and the judges’ votes.

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