All the Best Messages for Vloggers

Video bloggers or vloggers have it hard to perform stunts or act like crazy in front of camera just for viewers to be entertained and for them to amass a significant number of subscribers. Displaying your personality to the cyber world would take a thousand year old guts and a confidence to carry out the vlogs with grace rather than with awkwardness. If you have a friend who is a vlogger or you’re the vlogger yourself then this article will be helpful for you.

All the best messages are offered in this article to build your confidence and your vlogger friend, or even a blogger whom you have subscribed for a long time. This messages must be personally or privately sent rather than commenting these in their Youtube videos for the sincerity of these messages to be felt.

  • I have been a great fan of you and your vines since 2012 and I have to say none of your vines are ever corny. I heard you are planning to release three hundred videos this year so good luck to that and I will be looking forward to those videos for I know it’s gonna paint my gray life in technicolor. I wish you all the best in life, especially successes.
  • Hello, Motoki Maxted! I know you know nothing of me since I am merely a dot to your ocean of fans but I wish you all the best and to your coming videos released every Monday. I have gathered an army to subscribe in your channel and they have been grateful to me for having a good laugh in your videos. Have a good life, Motoki, we love you so much.
  • Hello, Jared, I just found your YouTube channel online and I never knew you journeyed the paths of vloggers which makes me really proud. How dare you not discussing this with me, the only regret I ever had was not finding out your channel so soon. I really enjoyed the first video blog you’ve shared boldly. Just to set expectations, cynics will be along the way and I will always be here for you to support your videos. I wish you all the best for this new journey you have partaken and my you get many subscribers as soon as possible
  • Come to think of it, your best friend know nothing about this vlog of yours until my classmate was laughing like a horse in the back of our class because of a video you’ve uploaded some time last month! I feel a pang in my heart for knowing this later than best friends should, although I am really proud that you have the courage to upload videos of yourself displaying your personality in the world of internet. i wish your vlogs all the best and may they keep coming because they’re really hilarious. Godspeed you, best friend.
  • ¬†When I am down I always go to YouTube and click on your channel, and even though I’ve abused the replay button I still laugh at your vines as if it were the first time I watched them. Thank you so much for these videos, were it not for them I would have probably succumbed to depression. I’m wishing you all the best for you and may your prosperous life be endless.
  • Do you remember about us talking about you making a vlog? Well I remember it clearly despite the alcohol that still lingers in my brain. I am very positive that you’ll make it big in the vlog life, in fact I am very excited to watch your videos. I can already imagine the people watching make up tutorials and beauty hacks. Please send me the raw files first before uploading it in Youtube and we’ll judge it together and laugh like the best friends that we are. I wish you all the best!
  • Hello, favorite vlogger, I have subscribed to many beauty vlogs but yours remain my all time favorite. I used to be one of the lady in the class who took no time in taking care of my skin and face. I really don’t know what hit me but I just browsed for beauty tutorials and when I found yours my classmates were oh so shock of me appearing more radiant than before. Your tips and tutorials are so easy to follow which explains your numerous subscribers and positive comments. Thank you so much for your videos and I wish you all the best in life!
  • So I just recently subscribed to your YouTube channel as per my friend’s recommendation and have never regret a thing at all. Your awful puns that do not deserve a laugh at all made me laugh till my lungs were in their brink of collapse. Laughing has never been this so painfully good. I hope you get to read this letter so that it may lift your spirits up whenever you are down. I wish you all the best so keep on smiling despite the numerous cynics which you do not need in your life.
  • I kid you not, both my grandparents and my mother are more updated about your newest videos that they invite me to watch your newly uploaded videos. I still can’t get over the foolish stunts you pulled out in public that I sometimes smile during quizzes because of remembering your videos. Call me gay, I really don’t care, but I have an obsession with the same sex and, yes I am referring to you> keep the videos coming, buddy. I wish you all the best in whatever it is you decide to do.
  • I am very happy and blessed at the same time for I was able to meet a vlogger like you, your videos about places, random things, beauty tips and so may others are fantastically amazing. Whenever I am so bored and I’m having a bad day, I just look up to your videos and let myself entertained, aside from being entertained I am at the same learning a lot of things from you. I wish you all the best and good luck!

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