Funny Best of Luck Messages

Funny best of luck messages are the wishes that are sent to the receiver for conveying or expressing the support for their best performance in any work.

These messages are intended to express good wishes and putting some creativity which can make the expression more fun. These types of messages can be sent on various occasions like examination, interview and others.

Sample Funny Best of Luck Messages

  • May good luck be your friend in whatever work you do, and no trouble hovers around you?

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]Success should reach you faster than anybody goes towards that success.[/notice]

  • An advice to keep yourself away from bad habits when you a entering into a new job altogether –good luck!
  • Take this new job as your first love-and love the job throughout!
  • This job is the fruit of your success work keep it up -All the best!

[blockquote]Be honest to whatever you do, success will be by you- good luck![/blockquote]

  • Do good job and success will be at your feet- all the best!
  • First job is like first girlfriend they cannot be forgotten- Good Luck!
  • Good luck!  For the new assignment, start with a good heart and beautiful smile.
  • Exams are to be written, Questions are to be answered, so write the correct and score the maximum for best opportunity- All the best!
  • No matter what the job is, do it diligently and honestly, good wishes!

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]Your non-experience is a not a liability, your hard work, to convert the job entrusted into revenue should become an asset- with best wishes.[/notice]

  • The best job is the result of your hard work- good luck!
  • Develop discipline and be true to your work- a small bit of true advice for your new job.
  • Lucky ones like you only, will be picked-up directly from college for the best job. Good luck!
  • This profession is just the beginning – new innings are yet to come- all the best.
  • All the good luck should be favorable to you and the troubles should be stranger to you.
  • Be happy with what has been blessed to you and make it prosperous with hard work and effort.

[blockquote]May success be your way, may happiness be your way, and this will come provided you put all your efforts to make it pay.[/blockquote]

  • Give your cent percent to the work you do and get the fruitful return in your job all the best!

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