40th Anniversary Messages

Completing 40 years in a marriage or in an office is something that is worth celebrating and appreciating. 40th anniversary messages can be conveyed through cards, gifts or even personally. These messages should be creative and unique messages that will touch the recipient’s heart and make him feel that his achievement and years of success are being counted and admired by his well wishes. Here are some samples that would be loved by people who receive –

  • Congratulations on your 40th wedding anniversary. You two have been the most perfect couples. Wish you two many more years of togetherness.
  • The past 40 years had been the best part of my life as you were always with me. I hope you are by my side till I die. Congratulations, my beloved wife!
  • You had been the best husband and it is only because of you our marriage is still fresh and it seems that it was only yesterday that we fell in love with each other. Happy 40th wedding anniversary.
  • After being a mother, I know understand how painful it would been have for you and daddy when I used to fight with you. But you two have been the pillars of life. Many many happy returns of the day and congratulations for completing 40 years together.
  • The entire world should take lessons from you two on ‘secrets of a happy marriage’ as I have never seen you people fight or even quarrel. Congratulations for such a beautiful couple on their 40th wedding anniversary.
  • Thank you for all the hard work and dedication that you gave for making this business a success. Congratulations on your 40th job anniversary.
  • Thank you teacher, for imparting not only bookish knowledge to your students but teaching them the ways of life as well. Congratulations for completing 40 years in this school and hoping you will continue with your service in the coming years as well.
  • You started with a small desk job and now after completing 40 years in this office, you are the manager. Congratulations to you and thank you on behalf of the entire office staff for your services.
  • Congratulations Sir, for completing 40 years in this office.
  • Dear Dad, though I am not with you, I am sending this little note to tell you that I am really happy for you and I am proud to be your son. A heart filled congratulations on your 40th job anniversary.
  • You have always been a source of inspiration for all and it has been for you, that we have reached a new height. Congratulations for completing 40 years of work-life.

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