Anniversary Messages for Boyfriend

Being together for long is an achievement not common in today’s generation and terms like “monthsaries” have been established for reasons of couple only lasting for a few months. Anniversaries are usually celebrated by surprising partners because seeing them in their joyous state feeds your heart with a gratifying sensation. To the lovers out there who wish all the best to their partners out there here are some sample messages quotes to help you cheese your partner to their bones. For a romantic moment, writing these messages in a personally designed card will send your lover beyond the boarders of cloud nine.

  • I have always wondered why you have endured my existence for long which leads me to another question why you have chosen me as your lover. I feel like I don’t deserve your greatness for you are way past my ideals. Despite these thoughts I really am so thankful for making me your lover. I know you have tried your best to be my prince and I truly like that, but truth be told I love you most when that character falls apart. I love you for what you are and will always do.


  • The first time I’ve met you, I always felt that there was something about you that I could trust a part of myself with. It’s hard for me to explain in words, which is why I’ll try my best to explain it in the simplest way I can which is that you are the most incredible person I have ever meet in my life. Before you the world was in black white, and sometimes shades of grey but then you stepped into my life and a burst of technicolor came streaming down from the heavens and I see everything in color now. It’s sharp, vivid, detailed, and everything else in between and I feel alive. Everything that was so cold to me thawed out and became warm, like the sun kissed me on the face on the first day of spring.


  • The sensation of love is just too cliche and I despise┬áit. Well, at least I use to say that when you weren’t around and now that I have you in my life I suddenly realized how love is not bad at all in fact it makes me want to live my life at its fullest. You helped me distinguished the difference between living than just being alive. I am happy that you have chosen me as your partner for I have learned many things I thought were never possible. With all my heart, I promise to love you through thick and thin.


  • ┬áIt only takes one person for me to look forward for the sun to rise again in the horizon in the hopes of meeting you some time tomorrow. I am type of person who grows tired when things age, we have been together for long and have looked for reasons to un-love you but I just can’t, instead I have loved you more with each passing day and that is a fact of the matter.


  • I thought love is a word voided with meaning but then I met and everything just fell into place like how I fell for you.


  • You have put my ideals in to shame by raising the bars. You are more than everything I’ve asked for and I can’t repay the universe for giving you to me.


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