Anniversary Messages for Ex- Boyfriend

Even though a girl and a guy may not be together in a relationship, the day of their anniversary still marks the completion of the one year circle around their one time existent relationship. Anniversary messages for ex- boyfriend are the messages which a girl sends to her ex on such an occasion i.e. wishing him on the anniversary of their past relation.

Sample Anniversary Messages for Ex- Boyfriend

  • Life has a way of toughening you up by dealing you a bad hand when you least expected it. I believe that is what happened to us, it wasn’t our personalities as much it was the circumstances. And now that it is over and another one of our anniversaries has arrived I want to wish you a happy anniversary before we finally move on.
  • Hey James, it has been really long since we last met but it still feels like it was just yesterday. This date marks the day we used to celebrate our anniversary on and solidarity of the relationship we had. Another year comes and though we are not together, I want to wish you a happy anniversary.
  • The relationship we had built in all the years of our lives that we shared together is something I cherish even to this day. It has been very difficult being away from you and making a life separate from ours and from yours. On this day I want to wish you a happy anniversary.
  • There is nothing more painful than the memories of a broken relationship, especially one that was closest to your heart. But this day brings back all the memories- the good ones and the bad ones- to fore. And all I can do is think about wishing you a happy anniversary for the relationship we built.
  • Love relationships are the most prized possession of any individual and the relationship I had with you was same for me. I have cherished the beautiful experience for so long that even though we aren’t together, last year’s habits are hard to forget. So here I am wishing you a happy anniversary.
  • It is almost funny how certain things happen and completely turn the course of our lives. They give us marks that are so permanent they become a part of our individuality. Going through the beginning and the end of our relationship has done something similar for me and my life. But I still cannot go on without saying- happy anniversary.

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