Anniversary Messages for Girlfriend

Anniversary messages for girlfriend are the messages sent by a boyfriend to his girlfriend on the occasion of the anniversary of their relationship. These messages are a love filled gesture for the girl to make her realize that how much her partner love and care for her and this love and care grows with passing years and will remain forever. The messages help in strengthening the bond and the relationship among the couple.

Sample Anniversary Messages for Girlfriend

  • Love grows and nourish with time. We met as strangers, become friend, get together in a relationship and today are celebrating anniversary, still it seems that I have just met you! This is the magic of true love, it stays young forever! Happy Anniversary dear!
  • It’s our anniversary so I was thinking to send you flowers, but they will get dry! I thought of sending you a dress, but it will get torn after sometime! I thought of sending you jewels but they will lose their shine! So, I am sending you my heart that will remain loyal to you till I die! Happy Anniversary love!
  • Just as the stars twinkle together at night and their beauty grows with time! We are inseparable and will shine on the love’s sky and our love will keep growing till the time we die! Happy Anniversary to the princess of my heart!
  • On our anniversary, I tell you a rhyme, let’s do together a perfect crime, I kidnap you heart and you kidnap mine! And for all the lovers of the world, let’s be an example so fine! We will smile, laugh and cry together and will always love each other forever and ever! Happy anniversary to the most beautiful lady on this planet! I love you and will always be in your love!
  • Time flies! I still remember the first day I saw you and your first sight casted a magical spell on me! I was all hypnotized by your winking eyes and so lost in your cute smile. I want my baby girl to be as beautiful as you! Be with me forever and make me a proud daddy! Love you till the end!         Happy anniversary love!
  • It feels so great celebrating anniversaries as they reminds you of the olden-golden time that you and your partner have spent together and had remained together. Anniversaries seem to be like milestones and achievements that have been gained with the equal efforts of two human being to live together! You have forgiven my mistakes and I have ignored yours, you have loved my every habit and I am crazy for your all! Cheers dear, happy love anniversary!!!!

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