Death Anniversary Messages for Grandfather

Death anniversary messages is a composition that we dedicate to the departed people whom we consider dearest to us. In the celebration of death anniversary it would be important to bring this message with you so that you can express ow it’s like to lose someone very special in a significant span of time. What contains in this letter is a recollection of the moments that had helped you endure the times of hardship together with the demised person. If your grandfather’s death anniversary is happening this month or sooner, relax and feel the pressure evaporate into thin air for we’ll get the job done for you.

This article offers free sample death anniversary messages for your grandfather that will certainly help you recall the memories that you thought were already forgotten. The sample messages you find below may cause a pang in your heart so read at your own risk. If you think that the words, phrases and sentences in the messages you find are subject for changes then we highly suggest you do so. In applying your desired changes make sure that the words are pertinent so that you may deliver the message with an effectiveness which causes a healed scar to reopen and make fresh all the pleasant and sorrowful memories. The importance of the tone should not be disregarded for this is a great help in creating an impact to your audience. The tone of this type of message should be sincere, longing for the fondness of the memory to happen again, and a mixture of little sorrows and joys. This type of message can be uttered in front of an audience or simply written in a form of letter and let someone read it in your stead if you are too nervous from imagining emotional and nervous breakdown.

  • The first year of granddad being gone was the worst and it took me countless therapeutic sessions just to rid the effects of depression, which somehow never really left me at all, always waiting for some sheer agony to happen so that it may come back again in an impregnable version. Truth be told, I still am very far from recovering about this loss worthy of existential breakdown. I have always tried my best to become strengthen with the fond memories I had with granddad, instead my heart breaks in the process of reminiscing the joyous past because I long for these moments to be relived, yet I know it is a miracle I can’t be granted. If your watching me over right now, granddad, I want you to know that I will get over this phase soon and that you will see me one day become happy again which I would like to suppose is your wish in the afterlife. May you have an awesome afterlife out there.


  • To everyone present here, I hope you don’t make fun of the misery that is me as I read this letter in dedication to someone who is no longer with us. I want you guys to know that months after the death of grandfather my moving on phase was very fast, although I didn’t seem to notice until this letter was composed. Of course we can only move on if we will learn accept that there is nothing that can be done about the loss and that thinking about the demised perhaps only worsens the pain. Overthinking became a habit for days and weeks and I think that was the phase of moving on I hated the most. When I visited his graveyard I thought that it’s a really risky thing to do for God knows what’s going to happen to my recently-closed-to-being-fixed heart. My expectations came into life so I just allowed the magic of destruction to do its work. Talk about devastation in its extremities, yet I was really happy as I felt the memories playing in my mind of him and I, which I thought will never resurface for I have buried them at will. I loved my grandfather and I sure will love him even more in the afterlife.


  • The pain of losing someone makes you acknowledge everything in reality. Many years have passed now yet I can still recall the feeling of how I imagined my heart cracked when the time of grandpa’s death was announced. My view went into a blur before my world started spinning and then a flash of darkness as I felt something hard banged against my head. I really thought that I had died with him and thought even more how lucky would I be to just be dead at that moment. The heartbreak was just too much that all my senses numbed from the harshness of the event. My eyes could only cry so much tears and it started hurting more when I had no more tears. Today marks the anniversary of his death which marks the death day of a part of me, and I have no desire to celebrate the familiar sadness that I forced to ignore as each day passed by. Let this day be a celebration of happiness for he is now in the keeping of God. Through this celebration let us express our love and maybe God would be so kind enough to let this action echo in his paradise for grandpa to hear our joys.


  • As grandfather’s most cherished granddaughter, which I think everyone knows is an undeniable fact, I still remember all the good times that happened in my young age and when I thought that I am lucky for granddad will always be there to cast a rainbow, especially if things are not going very well. I hated growing up and, too, my science teacher for she taught the whole class that not everyone gets to live very long in this life. The first thing that came into my head was granddad and how my life would become if he were gone. Well, I already have the answer for that and it still is a pleasant life even without him, although lacking very greatly. I wish that he didn’t spoil me so much because considering that had done so much for me, the hurtful clinging of a memory, which I choose to preserve with the power of love, makes letting go an impossible task. I know that if granddad were still alive he would want me to live by the present rather than dwelling in the past for my future would be risky if I do so, forgive me granddad if I have failed you in that.  Just so you know, if your soul is listening, I am great at multitasking so keeping you in my fondest memories while focusing on my career causes me no trouble at all. I just love you so much that I can’t afford to let our memories go. Happy death anniversary.


  • Death should be perceived as a way of letting everyone know how unexpected the world could be and draws the lines of limitations how a human mind can compete with the inevitable malignant forces of the world in prolonging the lifespan of an individual. I have to say that dying really is the only natural thing that breaks the steeled hearts. We are celebrating the death of grandfather and it takes some heart to muster in enjoying this type of celebration without that does not break all throughout the event. I think that we have all accepted this loss and our heart had become used to the grief that threaten to kill our heart, although it a part of it is already dead. I have to admit how surprisingly long it was to get over the threatening depression , but I luckily enough I managed to conquer it somehow, although I have the faintest recollection of how I did it. Let us accept the fact that we can no longer resurrect our long gone grandfather, instead of grieving to such a fact let us instead enjoy this celebration for his suffering had come to an end. We love you so much, grandfather, and may you be happy wherever you are.


  • Telling everyone present in the first death anniversary of grandpa that I am no longer hurting from the loss of him would be a lie. Twelve months had already passed yet I still am experience the agonizing pain in my chest from his death as if it were still yesterday. How fresh are my memories of his death that every time it crosses my mind a fresh wound appears in my heart; bleeding for an old reason in the form of a new birth of pain. Will I get over it? I frankly do not know, although I am very much thankful for this loss because I will be strengthened emotionally by this and that somehow I will learn the process of painful healing which I will be needing in the life ahead. As of this moment I will savor every bit of the sorrow I can for me to understand the unexplored areas of my humanity.  Nevertheless, I am so grateful to have experienced the love of a grandfather that will surely live as long as I am alive. Let us fill our hearts today with the fondest memories of our late grandfather.


  • The excited haste of the passing of our days proves to be nullified in significance for moving on still is a moving on which never turned into moved on, or perhaps I should just move on from moving on. I can still clearly recall how my ears were deafened from the obstinate silence after the death of grandpops was announced. The world slowed into a stop and all that was moving were the forming tears in the eyes which refused to run on the pale surface of everyone’s cheeks. The moment is still fresh to me and I am haunted by it since then. Although suffering an unfamiliar pain, I am trying my best to not be depressed about it and look into the brighter side. But somehow my optimism is conquered rather expectantly from the spirit of pessimism. Considering that this day marks the third death anniversary of grandpops I will allow myself to put my optimistic side at ease and let myself bathe in the deep waters of sorrow.


  • Twenty years have passed yet one day every year the scars reopen in reminiscing the memories of our dearest late granddad. Let us no longer grieve for the loss of him for he surely does not want anyone to be filled with sorrow for another decade if granddad were still here. Let us instead show each other the progress of our life, slow or not, for he may be watching over us and would take pride in us for having such a bloodline of happy family. Let this sadness from a loss dissipate with haste and celebrate each year only with the merry moments we spent with grandfather and converse to him in silence how proud we are for sharing some time with us in this lifetime no matter how short the time was. We miss you so much granddad and I hope your here to see us celebrate your death day which is also your redemption from the damned world.


  • Being the naughtiest grandchildren in the family sure is a tough experience, especially when mom and dad left me at grandma’s house because of work purposes. I had so much time with grandma and grandpa that a bond of a new form of love was created. Grandma had spoiled me when she saw the opportunity in doing so and so did grandpa when he saw the opportunity in doing so, which never happened at all. I hated him for spanking me in the butt every time my stubbornness takes possession of my body. I feared him so much, but he was very kind as others would say, which also happens to be a matter of fact. As soon as I grew up I knew right then that the act was for me to become disciplined and make sure that my actions does not affect anyone in a negative manner. Grandfather has taught me a lot of things but he never taught me the depths of sadness that I will be falling into as you take your painful exit in living. This is the day we remember your pains and I am torn between being grateful for your pain have subsided and being sad for there is no one out there to look after my stupid actions. I know that I will recover from this heartache for you have molded me into a man of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength. I will be forever grateful for you and we will celebrate your death day each year for us to remember the lessons you imparted to us.


  • Another memorial day for our granddad has come and I can only imagine his eyes rolling in the mention of celebration in his name. We are too familiar how he is not very fond of the little celebrations in life which he considers as a day to squander money as an excuse to devour insatiably various food from various cuisines. Well, I have to say he’s not at all wrong yet not entirely right about it. This is my fondest memory of grandfather and I really like celebrating such events because it makes me think that I still have the chance to tease him even in the afterlife. The rolling of his eyes get me every time and those who had borne witness of it will surely hurt your stomach from laughing and containing your laughter. I adore our late granddad that much. Although proud about the latter, this surely had taught me what a devastating heartbreak it would be from the attachment you felt. My once broken heart slowly fixed itself just by reminiscing the small merry moments we spent. I had learned, too, then that a broken heart can only be fixed by casting a light in a pitch black darkness no matter how faint or dim the light may be. We love you so much granddad and happy death anniversary.


  • This anniversary death I would want to be frank to everyone that I really despise attending this event not for the reason that it is causing me an inconvenience. No, not at all. The only thing that I despise about it is I have to make sure that my newly fixed heart does not break again for it really took me a significant time to get over with the conducive to depression kind of loss. I never again want to experience the tragedy which uninviting-ly haunts my mind every hour of the day, forcing me to relive the moments of our late granddad’s death. I was never really the closest to him but he  remains dear to me and the mention of his name is enough to cut me once again. I hope we will learn very soon to figure out the brighter side of this loss for the agony is just too much for a fragile heart not to break. My only wish for granddad in the afterlife is that may he be in the promised paradise enjoying the promised joys as what is preached by the holy texts. I love you so much granddad that I am hurting.

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