Romantic Anniversary Text Messages

Anniversaries are treated as milestones for any relationships and if it is related to your love relationship then romantic gestures are perfect way to revitalize it. Sending romantic anniversary text messages to someone special can intrigue the romantic feel. This is a fantastic way through which one could make his or her lover feel how important he/she is. Therefore, romantic anniversary text messages should be such that it should essentially mark the beginning of a fresh year of your relationship.

Sample Romantic Anniversary Text Messages

  • At this special moment, I might be staying far away from you but you are always there in a very special place of my heart. Will keep on loving you wherever I am. Happy Anniversary Dear.
  • LOVE YOU is a word which we often say to each other but could actually feel it at the day of our anniversary. Wish we could celebrate years of togetherness. Love you loads. Dear a very happy anniversary to you.
  • I am sending you a bouquet of love along with a heart gift wrapped on the occasion of our anniversary. Please keep both of them safe and take care of it like any treasure. A tribute to our 5 years of togetherness.
  • We had enough ups and downs in our relation and at times we both have grown different thoughts. The one thing that remains unchanged from first day till today is our bonding through love.  A very happy anniversary to you dear.
  • I hope that the love you have shared with me years ago is still strong enough as then. To me still our anniversary day is a matter of joy and moment of happiness that reminds me that first day when we have started our journey. Love you dear.
  • The flame love is still burning the same within my heart. It seems all my days are driven by your thoughts. Every moment my heart beats a single name that is yours. Till today I love you the same like the first day I have fallen for you. I am falling short of words in expressing my love for you. The only thing that I want is hold me tight and keep your faith intact years after years like this. A very happy anniversary to you my dear love. Hope we cling to each other till death.
  • Wishing a very happy anniversary to the love of my life. You mean my world to be my sweetheart!!!

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