Romantic Messages for First Anniversary

First Anniversary is really special as it marks the completion of one year of togetherness. The first year is always important because the couple needs to adjust to each other’s habit in the first few months after the marriage and it can often be difficult. The love grows and the understanding increases with the time which enables the couple to be there for each other. People often celebrate their first anniversaries by going for holidays or by going out for dinner but the celebration remains incomplete without a message for the loved one. Here are some of the messages for your spouse which can make them feel really special.

  • You came in my life when I thought that I do not deserve anyone and you loved me through the thick and thins of my life. I can never thank you for being there for me around the clock. I love you baby, Happy Anniversary.
  • Today, we have completed a year of our marriage and it is indeed a beautiful day for celebration. So I would like to spend this beautiful day with my beautiful wife to tell you what you mean to me. Happy Anniversary.
  • Today, it’s the 365th day with you and the last one year had been the best year of my life because you were there to love me and take care of all my needs and desires. Thank you for enlightening my life. Happy Anniversary.
  • They say that life has a lot of reasons to be happy but I totally disagree with the people who say that because I don’t need many reasons to be happy. All I need is you to be happy for rest of my life. Happy Anniversary.
  • I tried my best to be a loving and a caring wife for the first year of our marriage and I am sure that you would appreciate the same. Now it is your turn to be the responsible and an obedient husband for rest of your life. Happy Anniversary.
  • Some people can’t find happiness even after searching for it throughout their life but I had been really lucky in this case as I found my happiness in you on the day I met you for the first time. Happy Anniversary.
  • I always thought that my father is a perfect man as he takes care of me like his little princess but I was proved to be wrong when I came across you. I have always been happy since the day I met you and you have been my husband and you have also been the best man in my life. Happy Anniversary.

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