Answering Machine Message

An answering machine is a device which speaks for you on your behalf and absence. Some situations arise in which you are unable to take a call due to either your absence or because of the fact that you are busy.

In such a case, an answering machine plays an important role by informing the caller of your absence. What an answering machine message does it that it asks the caller to leave their message on the machine which can be forwarded to the person who owns the number.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-lightblue” ]Answering machine messages [/highlight]must be framed in a way that is neutral to all callers. The message must not be aimed at a few people in particular but rather it should have a tone that is common for all. Such messages can either be formal in case of an official number and also casual if the number is used at home.

The following are a Few Types of Answering Machine Messages:

  • Funny answering machine messages
  • Formal answering machine messages
  • General answering machine messages


The main thing which has to be kept in mind while recording an answering machine message is that it should be brief and precise. All the callers do not have enough time to listen to a lengthy message.

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