Best Answering Machine Messages

Best answering machine messages comprise of messages recorded in an answering machine and they could be funny, warm and caring, dumb and much more.

You can record your own voice or even play a musical tune. Answering machine messages are meant to inform the caller that you are not home and they can leave their name and number so that you can call them back. The crazier the messages are; the better they sound!

Sample Best Answering Machine Messages:

  • Are you crazy? If you are not then why have you called the lunatic asylum? If you are crazy then leave your location and wait for our pickup.
  •  You have reached a recording device that can trace you through your phone. Scared? You should be!
  • [blockquote] I am right now orbiting Mars looking for Venus. If you find Venus, send me the latitude and longitude and maybe then I will call you back.[/blockquote]
  •  I just escaped from a prison and am in hiding. Leave your name and number only if you can give me 10 grand.
  • [blockquote] Hello! Yes, Hi, I can’t hear you…….beep….beep….can’t hear you… losing you…! Just lost you![/blockquote]
  •  I can’t find my dog – Bimbo. If you can find her then keep her. No! I don’t need your name and number….[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-orange” ]thanks![/highlight]

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