Christmas Answering Machine Messages

Christmas is a special occasion and thanks to technology now you can convey your wishes to your near and dear ones with the help of the answering machine.

Whether you are unable to attend the call or cannot contact the person directly to wish him, you can always leave a Christmas answering machine message.

Sample Christmas Answering Machine Messages.

  • Dear caller, Merry Christmas to you. I am sorry I am unable to answering your call at the moment. Please leave a voice message.
  • [blockquote]Hi, thanks a lot for your wishes and I wish you a Merry Christmas .How have you been and do let me know when are meeting up for the carols?[/blockquote]
  • Dear friend, I hope you have a joyous Christmas. I am out of station right now leave your message
  • Hi, hope you are having a memorable Christmas evening. Do leave your message since I’m unable to receive your call. I shall call you back once I’m back.
  • Hello, Merry Christmas. What are your plans for the Christmas Eve and how are the preparations for the big party going on? Please share, missing all my Christmas celebration here.
  • Merry Christmas. I regret not being at home to receive your call. I shall get back to you as soon as possible.
  • [blockquote]A merry Christmas to you. Hope you have a joyous Christmas Eve. But I am sorry I am out of station. Kindly leave your message so that I could get in touch with you soon.[/blockquote]

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