Creative Answering Machine Messages

Creative answering machine messages could give utter pleasure to the callers when one cannot attend any call. Even it doesn’t disappoint the caller if the person he is trying to call is not available as they get to hear warm reciprocating words from the other end. These creative messages could be the best way to answer back your callers when you are not available for attending the call.

Sample Creative Answering Machine Messages


  • Hi, I am really sorry as I could not stay at home and attend your call, but don’t worry my answering machine is at home to talk to you. Leave your message after the beep
  • Hello, right now I am out of my place, kindly say for what you have called me and leave your details, so that as I get back I could give you a call immediately. My answering machine is all there for you.
  • Hi there, I am so sorry I could not talk with you right now. But don’t you worry my answering machine is just the perfect to store up your messages, so that I could hear it as I get back.
  • I am so sorry I cannot attend your call right at this moment. But my phone would surely not disappoint you and it would take up your message in behalf of me. Will soon call you back.
  • Hello the person you are trying to reach is out, but I would surely take the responsibility of delivering your message to the receiver. Please leave your message.

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