Cute Answering Machine Messages

Answering machine messages form our caller’s first impression of us. Hence, they must be carefully formulated. They can be funny or witty or professionally crisp depending on one’s needs. Cute answering machine messages are apt for one’s personal or residential line.

Sample Cute Answering Machine Messages

  • Hello, this is Lisa. My parents and I are not at home. So please leave your message after this beep and we will call you soon.Thank you so much for calling.
  • [blockquote]Good morning! I am not at home, but please leave your message after the beep and I will call you. Have a beautiful day.[/blockquote]
  • Hello, you have reached John and Mary’s residence. We have gone to get married and are unable to receive your call. So please leave your name, contact details and message on the machine and will call you soon. Have fun!
  • [blockquote]Hello, this is Rosemary’s apartment. I am currently on my honeymoon so please leave your message after the beep and I will call as soon as I get home.[/blockquote]Thank you for calling me. Hope you have a nice day.
  • [blockquote]Hello, this is baby Jane. My parents are not in and I am too little to answer the phone. So please leave your message on the machine. [/blockquote]Bye.
  • Hello, you have been connected to Brian’s residence. I am in love and out on the streets. So please leave a message on my answering machine and I hope to call you soon. Thank you.

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