Fun Answering Machine Messages

Fun answering machine messages are the best way through which you can irk and amuse your caller. These messages are quite different than any other monotonous answering machine messages. These wacky messages would surely amuse the caller even if the receiver is not available for attending the call.

Sample Fun answering machine messages


  • Hello, don’t worry my owner is out but even being a machine I am capable of taking your messages. If you really trust me then you can leave the messages for my owner. I will surely convey it to the right person.
  • Hi, I am a telepathic thought receiving machine. After there is a beep, just recall your name, your reason for calling at this number and to whom you want to talk to. I will process it and will think about returning you a call.
  • Oh!!! You have reached to an imaginary number I guess as there is no one to answer your call rather than me at this moment. Don’t worry you can trust me for leaving your message.
  • My owner has become too lazy to answer a call. It irritates me as well but don’t worry I am quite faithful to that lazy bone. So leave your message I will deliver it to him.
  • My owner has given me the responsibility of making his callers to laugh while he is unable to attend the call. Please don’t treat him a joker he just want you to make happy through laughing. So, leave a message if you are happy with my work.

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