Hilarious Answering Machine Messages

It comes with utter importance to set up an answering machine message to let callers know that the desired person cannot be reached as of the moment and that an urgent message may be left by the caller to let the person know what the call is about. Answering messages are beneficial not only to the person who cannot be contacted but also to the caller so that they can drop a message and a follow up call would no longer be necessary.

This article offers a variety of sample answering machine messages embedded with a light humor which you might be interested in if you decide to change or set up and answering message. If you would want to apply some changes in the circumstances mentioned below, you may definitely do so since these sample messages are suggested to people who feel like using them without  any charges. In keeping it formal, at the same time funny, you must take note to use appropriate words with the absence of obscenities and profanities.

  • Hello, you have reached the line or Trevor who cannot answer the phone call as of the moment not because he feels like it but because he is busy with fighting the alien criminals in metropolis. Drop your message so I may attend to this urgent matter one I get the chance to.
  • Good morning, I am not able to answer this phone call right now aside from the obvious reason that I don’t feel like answering your call, I’m engaged into some thing which greatly concerns none or perchance an iota of your business. Toodles.
  • Robert, the line can’t be reached at the moment for I am in an important mission which does not require any minimal distractions. I’ll be at home to attend to your important business in a minute and if a minute isn’t enough then I might be calling you back in another minute.
  • Hello, human, welcome to the grand line of communication of the Elven king. My deepest elven apology for I am absent to hearken to your sweet praises of me. Allow me to return this call once I am chanced to do so. Leave a message of appreciation for me so I may return the call with a higher degree of certainty.
  • What seems to be the urgency of such matter that demands some share of my time? Leave your troubled message so I may call you back with an already carefully composed excuse. Good bye.
  • Good morning, mr or ms, the owner of this pone is unable to attend to your unimportant babble for he is in a state of bettering himself, and your babble is not and will never be deemed as a requirement. Kidding, drop a message and I’ll return the call when I get home.
  • The owner of this phone refuses to listen to your complaints for the moment. She needs to gather more patience before a return call can be done. Leaving a message would be appreciated so please do so.

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