Office Answering Machine Messages

Office answering machine messages are a reflection of the organizational qualities of an office. They are a reflection of the courtesy and consideration the office extends towards its clients and hence, must be formulated cautiously and with great restraint.

Sample Office Answering Machine Messages

  • Hello you have reached the voice mail of the accounting department. As it is a holiday today we request you to kindly call back tomorrow. Have a great day.
  • Hi this is the manager in charge. I will be out of office till next week and therefore request you to kindly leave your phone number and I will call back as soon as I come back. If there is anything urgent please feel free to contact any other employee in the department for assistance. Thank you.
  • You have called at the desk of senior manager customer relations. As I am on an important call right now I am unable to take your call. Please leave your name and contact number and I will call you back soon. Thanks.
  • Hi I am away from my seat. Please leave your message and I will attend to it once I am back to my seat.
  • Hi I am away for lunch. Please leave your voice message after the tone and I will respond as soon as I am back.
  • Sorry I am not at my seat at present. You can leave the reason for your calling and I will attend to it when I am back.
  • Hello, we are unable to receive your call at present. Please be kind enough to register your name and contact details on the answering machine so that we can get back to you immediately.
  • We are unable to receive your call at the moment. Please follow the directions to record your name, purpose of calling and contact details on the answering machine. We [highlight highlightColor=”highlight-green” ]apologize [/highlight]for the inconvenience.
  • [blockquote]Good day, you have reached the office of [name]. We request you to kindly record your details on the answering machine and we will forward your call to the concerned department.[/blockquote]
  • Thank you for calling [name of the office]. We are unable to connect your call at present. If you would kindly stay on the line, we will ensure that your call reaches the appropriate personnel. [highlight highlightColor=”highlight-lightblue” ]Thank you for your patience.[/highlight]
  • Good morning, you have been connected to the main office of [name]. Please record your name, contact details and purpose of calling on the answering machine so that we can contact you at the earliest. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  • [blockquote]We are unable to receive your call right now. Please follow the directions on the answering machine after the beep to have your message recorded for further reference. [/blockquote][highlight highlightColor=”highlight-lightblue” ]Thank you.[/highlight]

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