Rude Answering Machine Messages

With the ability to record different types of messages on the answering machine, you can now record rude answering machine messages as well.

Rude answering machine messages can come as quite a shock for many people and for some, it might provide a means of having a good laugh. Here are some really rude answering machine messages.

Sample Rude Answering Machine Messages:

  • [blockquote]Hello! Sorry your credit check was not approved. You are using a stolen credit card to make this call. Drop the line or we will call the cops.[/blockquote]
  • Hi! I am screening this call. If I don’t like your voice, I will not call you back.
  •  [blockquote]You have reached God’s residence. I am busy making stupid people like you. Please don’t disturb the process. Go disturb someone else! [/blockquote]
  •  Are you Bob, Roy, Jamie, Susan, Shelly, Becky, Sam, Dune, Sarah, Helen, or Ross? If not then why are you wasting my time?
  • [blockquote]I am dating your wife right now and will be coming back home with her. [/blockquote]So [highlight highlightColor=”highlight-green” ]go cry yourself to sleep![/highlight]
  •  I can’t answer the phone. I am trying to take out the kidney from the man I just murdered. Do you know how to take out the kidney?

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