Appreciation Messages for Birthday Wishes

Appreciation messages for birthday wishes are those messages which are sent by birthday boy/girl to all those people who have sent him/her the birthday messages.  These types of messages help the person to know that his birthday wishes meant a lot to the recipient and he really appreciates them.

Appreciation messages for birthday wishes can be sent through various ways like SMS, Email, card or a letter.

Sample Appreciation Messages for Birthday Wishes

  • [blockquote]As I get a year older, I can feel that the love of my dear ones and friends is getting stronger. I appreciate your warm blessings and kind birthday wishes. Thanks a lot for such a gesture, thanks for making my birthday a moment to remember forever.[/blockquote]
  • Many thanks for the lovely birthday wishes. I feel so blessed to know that I am blessed with such loving and caring friends and family members. I really appreciate your presence over my birthday party and your warm wishes. Thanks a lot.
  • Having surrounded by such loving, adoring and naughty birthday wishes is a moment of cheer. I appreciate the kind gesture of each one of you and I heartily thank you for making my birthday memorable.
  • From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thanks all of you for your kind birthday wishes. It was really nice to receive your sweetest thoughts. I truly appreciate your shrug!
  • Your amazing birthday wishes are greatly appreciated. I thank you for making this day fun-filled. Thanks a lot for being with me, Thanks a lot for making my birthday happy and glee.
  • [blockquote]Dear friend thanks a ton for your lovely birthday wishes. It really made my day even more special.[/blockquote]
  • Dear John thanks a lot for your birthday wishes…. It meant a lot for me…
  • Dear Mary, I was thrilled to get your birthday present and card… Thanks a lot for remembering me on my special day… Thanks for all your good wishes…
  • Dear Tom, it is because of good wishes from the friends like you that my birthday becomes a special day… Thanks a lot for your good wishes… It would have been great fun if you were also here with us to celebrate this day…
  • Dear Sis, I know your work commitments did not allowed you to be here with me on my birthday, but your card expressed all the love and good wishes … Thanks a lot….
  • [blockquote]Dear Brother thanks a lot for your good wishes and lovely flowers… They really made my day…[/blockquote]

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