Appreciation Messages for Long Service

Appreciation messages for long service are the messages that are sent to a person who has been working at a particular place for a long period of time, to appreciate him for his years of service.

These messages are sent to reward, appreciate and honor a person for his meritorious services and are sent with the deepest respect for him.

Sample Appreciation Messages for Long Service

  • We greatly appreciate the 10 years of meritorious services that you did for this company. You have left a milestone for all the employees. Your dedication would be forever cherished, please accept our good luck wishes. Heartfelt appreciations to you.
  • We would like to take this opportunity to appreciate years of services of Mr. Jackson, working at the post of senior sales manager. He has been a respectable member of our sales team for more than 10 years. We greatly appreciate his vision, dedication and determination towards his work. Thanks a lot Mr. Jackson for your contributions.
  • Your contributions and services towards Fortune Enterprises Limited are greatly valued and respected. For over 7 years, you have consistently given your best to bring success to the organization. We greatly appreciate your years of efforts.
  • It is because of your presence and enthusiasm that this company witnessed growth and success. On the successful completion of 10 years of services at this company, we express our heartfelt appreciations. You have always gained respect and honor of all the employees and staff members of this organization. Thanks a lot for your selfless services and contributions.
  • With a pride heart, I would like to appreciate Mr. Henry for his 15 years of employment at Dreams Enterprises. Heartfelt appreciations!
  • I must greatly appreciate you for completing 10 years of your employment at Fortune Enterprises Limited. It is your presence and that supreme guidance that makes us value and respect you so much.
  • [blockquote]Today, I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate Mr. Charles Henry for providing 15 years of meritorious services at Dreams Enterprises. I would like to sincerely thank you for your endless efforts and contributions towards the growth of this organization.[/blockquote]
  • On behalf of Red Cross Society, I would like to take this responsibility to thank Dr. David Franz for providing excellent services for past 20 years. The society has been witnessing growth and success with the help of your skills and contributions. Heart full of appreciation to you on this day!
  • I would like to appreciate Mr. Troy for being a part of this organization and being in its service for more than 10 years. Your contribution is commendable and deeply valued! 

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