Appreciation Messages for Pastor

Pastor or more precisely a clergyman or priest who is in charge of any church or congregation, is a man of utmost respect and reverence to all of us.

An appreciation message for a pastor is just a small token of our love, respect and gratitude towards him. An appreciation message is a meagre gesture on our part to thank the pastor for the unmatchable love he bestows on mankind.

Sample Appreciation Messages for Pastor

  • It is the glory of God that you portray.

Being a guarding angel,

You always lead us to the correct way.

Even in the dark wintry nights

You heal us with a mystic holy ray.

  • The aroma of your persona

Make us worship you.

You taught us to keep faith on God

And try to transform the world into a better place.

  • You have become a source of good will, beaming generosity. Thank you so much sir, for letting us know that wisdom is the perfect weapon to defeat evil.
  • Your holy boughs captivate us and provide us with a sense of optimism. You guide us like a good angel after God. You teach us the lessons of forgiveness that ensures peace. Thank You!
  • You are preaching the words of love that inspire us to wash out the religious fences and to accumulate the true fragrance of religion in one soul for all the human beings. Thank you for being such a guardian!
  • I want to thank you from the deepest core of my heart for protecting the human race with all your grace. You have established the kingdom of harmony with the melodious notes like love and care.
  • Thank you deeply for the selfless love and care that you shower upon us and make us feel like your child. 
  • [blockquote]Through your activities you remind us of mercy, divinity and spiritual soundness, so I would take an opportunity to thank you and appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. [/blockquote]
  • It is just a small attempt to appreciate your deeds as they are really incomparable and unmatching.
  • It is tried to the best of our capacity to appreciate and be enthusiastically involved in the goodness you spread.
  • You are an epitome of selfless sacrifice, kindness, genuinity, purity and eternal love, so we highly appreciate your being and covering the world with so much sanctity. 
  • [blockquote]Love , Faith & Hope – these basic three principles of Christianity are your weapons with whom you intend to end all the evil prevailing in the world. This belief of yours in itself is a thing of utmost appreciation and a thing to learn from for us. [/blockquote]
  • Infinite and overwhelming appreciation to you for redeeming our souls from all the sins and guilt.

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