Appreciation Messages to Colleagues

It is very important to appreciate the work done by your colleagues as it helps in building a good working environment. Infact everyone expects some appreciation on doing good work.

It feels encouraging if your colleagues appreciate you work. Here are a few appreciation messages that one can give to his colleague.

Sample Appreciation Messages to Colleagues

  • [blockquote]It always feels great to work with such a well-envisioned colleague like you. I would like to heartily appreciate your hard work and efforts to drive our team to success. It was because of your firmness, dedication and sincerity that we all are receiving great recognition.[/blockquote] Thanks a lot for everything.
  • Working with such an effective and an efficient colleague like you has been a turning point on my career. Dear colleague, I will always appreciate your approach to deal with complexities and handle the difficulties in future. You have always taught me the ways to prosper, thanks a lot for being so generous. I am lucky to have a colleague like you, I wish to work with you all though.
  • Through this message, I would like to extend a note of thankfulness to all of my colleagues for being so supportive, helping and caring. It was because of you all that I managed to settle at this new workplace so quickly. Thanks to each one you for your kind generosity.
  • Dear colleague, I feel so honored to have you by my side. You have always helped and supported me to reach up to the moment of pride. I would like to thank you for everything that you have done for me in life, together we will continue to rise.
  • [blockquote]Your presence in this office has always been encouraging for everyone to do good work. I have learnt a lot from your hardwork and hope to continue with you longer. Keep it up.[/blockquote]
  • There has been a tremendous amount of effort from your side to complete this project. Keep it up and promotion is not far away.
  • [blockquote]You have been more than a colleague when it comes to learning from you. I have learnt a lot and hope to be under your influence for years to come.[/blockquote]
  • Hope you get the promotion and raise which is long due for your superb efforts and unparallel hard work. Keep it up and best of luck.
  • [blockquote]Working with you has been less stressful and more interesting always. You have been a role model for many. Really appreciate your good work.[/blockquote]
  • I wish I was as hard working as you are and had as much dedication as you do. Good going.
  • Your help on those never ending tasks has been a great help. The little advices and lessons that I get from you will be valued for a lifetime. They are really appreciated.
  • [blockquote]May god bless you for all those time you have come to my aid when I wasn’t able to finish up a task on time. Thanks.[/blockquote]

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