Teacher Appreciation Messages from Parents

Teacher appreciation messages from parents are the messages that are sent by parents to the teachers to appreciate them for their hard work and efforts.

These messages are sent by those parents whose child was successful because of the teachings and guidance of the teacher. Such messages are written by parents with due respect to appreciate a teacher.

Sample Teacher Appreciation Messages from Parents

  • Dear teacher it is because of your hard work that my son has had performed well in his half yearly exams. I would like to thank you for whatever you have done for my child.
  • You are one of the most caring and loving teacher that I have come across. I am relieved that my son is in good hands. I appreciate your dedication towards my son.
  • I value the great teaching that you have provided to my son. I am really thankful to you for making my son’s career bright.
  • I believe that you are the best teacher in the world and you have done a lot to bring improvement in the academic performance of my daughter. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • You are the best teacher that my child can ever ask for. You understand your students well and can identify their weaknesses. I appreciate you for helping my child overcome his weaknesses.
  • I would like to thank you for the valuable teaching that you have given to my son. I appreciate your efforts.
  • Words are not enough to thank you for helping my child. I appreciate your effort as a teacher.
  • [blockquote]Respected teacher, you are and you were a great influence on my child. What is he today is all because of you. As his proud dad, I want to appreciate you for yourself less efforts in teaching him and making him this successful.[/blockquote]
  • As the parents of the topper of Howard’s University, we would like to appreciate each of our child’s teachers for their continuous guidance, teachings and support. Without you all, this would have never been possible.
  • [blockquote] I really appreciate the type of environment that you create for students while teaching. My child has improved a lot under your guidance and teachings. [/blockquote]Dear teacher, thanks for your valuable teachings and you are greatly appreciated.
  • I would personally like to appreciate the English teacher of my son. She is a lady who transformed my son to a successful person.

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