Away Messages for Mom

Being away with your mother can bombard you with feeling of homelessness, and there’s nothing you can do but miss her a lot. Sending an away message may help alleviate the that heavy feeling. This type of message lets your mother know that you are thinking of her and miss her a whole lot, especially if you’re working abroad or in a month long vacation in a foreign country.

The article provides sample away messages for free should you need to use any of the sample away messages you find below. If you want to be unique for your mother to sense the sincerity of this type of message then these sample messages may serve as your guidelines in creating one. The tone of the message should be sincere and yearning for her presence. These messages may be sent via text messages, any social medial sites, or you can write these as a letter and have them mailed to her.

  • Hello, mom, I really am missing your presence badly that I have been very ill from missing you. I hope beyond hope, mom, that I will come home soon for I have missed your motherly love and all your saliva-dripping cooking. Tell the whole family about my regards to them. Before I say my good bye in this letter I would like to tell you that I’m doing great in here, mom, and there’s no need for you to worry a thing.


  • Living away from home has been quite a challenge that I am so much wiling to do despite the distance that sets us physically apart, ma, although a little part of me regrets this choice. Missing you has developed into a wont and this pierces my heart for I am worried about the situation you are currently in. I hope everyone is doing alright in the house, mom. Always keep safe.


  • It sure is hard to keep my focus in my work when I can’t help my mind being troubled about you, mom. I just miss you so much mom that I have plotted a vacation leave for a month this September just to see your happiness again, mom. Please cook me my favorite dish on the date of my arrival, okay? I love you, mom.


  • Being away for scholastic reasons sure is fun and all for I get to make a new circle of friends. I just want to let you know mom that everything around here is cool and me, as your favorite kid, is doing extremely fine. I hope everyone’s also doing good at home. I miss you, mom, and please hit me up if you miss me already.


  • Mommy! I am still thrilled that I am one of the university’s representatives being sent here in Singapore. Although I am really happy now, I am missing you already even if it’s my first day of stay in here. I look forward to the end of the month so I can finally hug the greatest mom again in the whole wide world.


  • Good morning, dearest mother, I just want you to know that I will be coming home soon for the business project here is already close to being completed. I am so excited to go back home after the stressful stay here and the awful homemade dishes they serve here. I know you miss me mom when I read those messages you recently sent me, you no longer need to worry for you will be seeing me again sooner than later. I love you, mom , and I wish you’re doing all good.

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