Away Messages for Wife

Away messages for wife are perfect for the partner who is working abroad, leaving the wife and the child/ren at home, and wishing to express how much  the partner misses the love of a family. If you are an overseas worker and you wish to tell your lover how much you miss everyone, most especially her, then sending an away messages will be a great remedy to ease the hurting of your heart.

Do yourself no more trouble by forcing your mind to do its magic as it only fumbles for the perfect words. By continuing to read the article, you will certainly be grateful for sample messages of away messages for wife can be found below. These sample messages comes for free and you may abuse your use of this since we are too generous to help feed your insatiable emotions. We encourage you apply mild changes in the messages for yourself to be sensed by the reader by the time she hears or reads it, or if the circumstances mentioned below greatly differs from yours. If you prefer composing your very own away messages then you can just imply use these messages as a guideline in your own craft. In doing the latter or making the mild changes in the messages it comes with utter significance in choosing the appropriate words for the reader to feel the impact of how much she means so much to the world. Getting the tone right is a must and must never be looked upon. The tone of the message should be sincere, affectionate, longing for physical presence, and love. Since we are living in the early stages of high technology you can definitely express these messages through text messages or in the famous social media site which you are both connected.

  • Dearest wife, months have turned into years and living away from the family and this leaves my heart heaving with yearning for your presence to be beside me. I simply want to be with the family until the end of my life, yet I fully know my responsibilities as a dad and I want a better future for our kids. I hope you have the heart to be patient with me for I still need three more years to get this job done. I am really sorry if you are spending the nights alone cold with only the sheets of the bed to give you warmth. I am very familiar with this feeling as well for I feel this on a daily basis as I doze off to bed. Despite this heavy feeling, I will endure this and learn to tame the stubbornness of my heart for me not to be depressed from the daily breaking of my heart. The only things that are keeping me alive are the future of our kids, your image, and the vows which lives to last forever. I love you so much, my dearest wife.


  • I think homesickness is just the worst feeling of an overseas worker for it is very conducive to depression, especially that the person worthy of wholehearted admiration happens to be your home. I have stayed in this foreign country for too long now and I think that I won’t last long here. If I’m going to die, the doctors could open my heart and discover that I died from missing my wife too much. You have no idea how much I miss you and that being away really sucks. I had been used to seeing your smile as it made my messed up day glorious enough for me to enjoy living and appreciate bad moments.  I am fully knowledgeable about the reason for my long stay here but missing you this much was a thing I never truly expected. Patience is really something that I badly need to practice, anyway, lover, I want you to know that despite the distance and the time difference I came to a realization that it does not enfeeble the vows of our marriage, in fact it fortifies our relationship by thinking about you every hour of the day and, thus, realizing how I cannot never love you. I love you, lover.


  • The past few days in my short stay here had been great and all until today. Being away from you is a newly discovered circumstance which I strongly despise. I miss you so much that my love for you increases every hour from missing you. Never have I ever known the absolute longing of someone so dear to me until now. I just want you to know that I am doing fine here yet not more than fine considering the absence of your presence. Three weeks more and then I will be at home again once I repose in the warmth of your embrace. Please tell everyone that I am missing them, too, and I can’t wait to get home. I love you all, but I love you the most, dearest wife.


  • I have been away for two years now and I still am troubled if very one in the family is doing great or not. I hope our children doesn’t give you a very hard time for I can’t manage to bear the though of you being troubled, even the pettiest of things. I miss you so much darling, every night I lay in bed with my nose missing the scent of you and which makes me miss and love you even more. I hope the nights of being alone doesn’t do you anything very bad from missing very badly. I am greatly concerned about you that I can’t sleep at night from overthinking how hard your night must be from my absence. I wish the hours would pass with great haste so we could be together again. I love you, dearest, and I can’t wait to go back home.


  • There is little heartbreak in the events of living away from home. These little heartbreaks gather together and would one day crush my heart. I am desperate to be with you and I really hate it when I can’t personally see you or hear your whispered laughter close to my ears. My chest misses your stubborn head badly and I can’t help but miss you so much every night. As practical that I am I can’t seem to tame these wild fancies and emotions which aims only to please you and make sure you are pleased. This desperate hoping of mine to come home can be compared to a prayer for I am so religious to this dire hope. For all I know I my friends and family taught me the dangers of long distance relationship for it usually is contributes to the slow crumbling of relationship, yet I have not felt that. At all. How could I love you less each day when all I think of is you? Instead I love you even more for this. This long distance relation maybe is a curse from the god of yearning and a blessing from the goddess of fortune. I love you, sweetheart.


  • I am really sorry about breaking into tears every time we video chat, I just can’t help my heart from breaking each time I gaze on the loveliness of your face and how lucky of a man I am for having you in this lifetime. I knew that you will be a good mother that is why I am confident about marrying you, for you can manage the household chores along with the naughtiness of our kids while I work in a foreign country. I could only wish that I will be there to participate in the chores because I hate to see you so exhausted from doing so many things at once. I really wish that I could get home sooner because I miss you badly enough that I only look forward for the days to end for it means that it is a day closer to seeing the whole family. You have no idea how excited I am to go home from work so that we can video chat and communicate. It makes me feel very nostalgic that it takes me back to our high school years when our relationship was still young. I hope my prayers will be granted and I can go home sooner than expected so I can show you how much I miss and love you.


  • First of all I want to tell you how sorry I am for not appreciating the palatable dishes you used to cook me when all I told you was your cooking skill needs a million times enhancement. The food here doesn’t really please my taste buds. besides that I miss your being goofy and just everything about you. I am sorry for not being there during your nights filled with loneliness. I experience these nights as well and I understand how miserable we are laying in bed with an empty space yet heart filled with longing and missing of a person who’s so far away. I want you to know that whatever happens we’ll still be together and that this momentary distance between us will strengthen the vows we made when walked the altar of our salvation. I will prove to anyone how being far away from a partner for so many a year is not at all a hindrance in a relationship. I love you, my wife, and will always love you no matter how bad your cooking skill is.


  •  Telling you how grateful I am to have you in my life is already an overused statement but I will continue to use it for the truth of it outweighs its being cliche. Being away from you is pleasant from the start for I don’t get nagged at about doing my routine which is spend most time watching anime and reading geeky books which you think are worthy to bee thrown in the trash- I hate you for that. But I realized then how much I miss you, except that attitude of yours mentioned in the latter. I want to sleep in the embrace of my loving wife and smell the scent which my nostrils crave so much, your skin. Living life alone in a foreign country is  little hard because my number one supporter is very far away from me. I know you’ll just roll your eyes as you read this letter, but I want you to know that this is what I am really feeling right now. You can only hope you can unroll your eyes from reading the previous statement, HAHA! I love you so much, darling, and I can’t wait to get back home. PS: Please don’t throw my geek collection. I’m serious about this.


  • Married yet alone. I extremely loathe this feeling because I married you so that we can be together anytime we want. Ugh, you have no idea how much my heart aches from being separated physically by distance. I know that I have to do this for the future of our marriage to be bright and when a kid or two comes, living wouldn’t be so hard. This sacrifice of time we make is something that we must endure for our happy relationship to flourish more. Please keep on contacting me, especially if something unpleasant occurs to you because I aspire to be the only person in your life who can help you with all of your problems. You know how dear you are to me and how it breaks my heart to see you so defeated with the many malignant factors in life. Tell me everything about the current events of your life, okay? I just want to make sure that my adorable life doesn’t get too caught up with an unpleasant circumstance considering that I am physically absent on your side. I love you and will contact you back every time I get the chance to do so. I love you.


  • What makes everyone think how hard it is to love someone so far away? I mean come on it becomes a lot easier to love someone in this condition for I think of you every minute. I can’t seem to forget you that you are the inspiration for me to conquer arduous tasks everyday. How could I learn to un-love you when I think about you all the time in a daily basis? You are the reason why working overseas is not at all very tiresome, although I feel homesick sometimes. I want to tell you how this so called hard life, just because of being parted by miles of distance, becomes easy for me to live for you inspire me to become the greatest daddy of our in coming first born baby. I am a little bit saddened that I can’t be there by the time he will be born, but I will tell my boss all about this and maybe I can charm him into filing a parental leave for me. I love you so much, baby. Please keep me up to date about your situation, especially your visits to the doctors.


  • Good day, my lovely wife, I am sending you this message because I could no longer contain the feelings my heart wishes to express from being away from you. Composing this message made me feel so vulnerable that I tear up just form imagining how much I miss you. I am so not familiar with this situation for this is my first time being away from you and regret the feeling that I choose to work abroad for a bigger income. I know this action is not at all selfish but the sacrifice is just a little too much for a heart not be broken in a long time. I really want to o back home now because I miss everyone and the hometown dishes. I still need to bear five more months before we see each other again and, thus, see the familiar presence of being surrounded with everyone’s love in the family. I hope you are not having it too tough in the pillow sheets from crying about how much we miss each other. I love you so much, my lovely wife.


  • The time for my stay here is finally coming to an end after ten years of enduring a lonely life. Days of missing you and lonely nights will also finally have its end, dear, for I will be with you forever starting next month. I am so excited to spend unlimited with you and the family for there are somethings that I really missed and can’t afford another amazing one’s to be missed again. You have not the faintest idea about how I am thrilled from the excitement of finally being with you without my work to thwart from seeing you personally. Getting to hear that lovely voice of yours as you press your lips to my ears will be a past that will resurface, and this is just one of the many things I missed which I want to relive. I hope everyone’s ready to be showered by my big, big love. I love you all, and see you soon.

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