Best Love Away Messages

Love away messages are those messages which an individual writes to the love of their life when they are away from them. There are a few messages which are better than the other and hence are the best of the love away messages.

The message may be written to express feelings of love, or to let the partner know that they are missed. The reason for which the receiver is away may also be varied. The message is framed in reference to the reasons of being away and the emotions the sender wants to display.

Sample Best Love Away Messages

  • [blockquote]Dear Jane, it is so difficult to be away from you. But I know works are important too. And even though I know that you’ll be so great at it, please just also be super fast in finishing it. I miss you really bad so get back soon. Love Paul.[/blockquote]
  • Dear Annie you are the light in my life and with you away everything seems to be dark. It is hard to go on without having you by my side. So come back as soon as possible, until then just keep missing me like I miss you. With love Nolan.
  • [blockquote]Jack I hope everything is going great at the business conference. Just please take care of yourself, take all of your medicines in time, Because your health is really important to me, so take care and come back as soon as you are done. I miss you, love Nora.[/blockquote]
  • David, how are you doing out there? It has been long since you have been away and I really miss being with you. I know that you will come back soon, but until then take care of yourself and keep writing to me. I miss you and love you. Jessica.
  • [blockquote]Dear Marissa everything at home is fine. The kids are doing great at school and they are also finishing up all of their work. They are being really good and supportive, but we all really miss you. Hope you are also good there and that your mom gets well soon.[/blockquote]
  • Karen, I know that your dad is sick and you are scared, but don’t worry we are all praying for his well being. We all love you and miss you. We hope that he gets well soon and is able to come visit us. Give him our regards, with love Jonah and the kids.
  • James I love you so much and I hate the fact that you are not here. Just come back soon and be with me. Love Brooke.

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