Business Away Messages

The business away message is a category which includes a varied number of messages. But the one thing common in these message is that the receiver of the message is away for business purposes. \

The types of the messages under this head include- message to a friend who is away on business, message to a family member who is away on business, or message to an employee/ colleague/ subordinate who is away on business.

The language and the frame of the massage may differ depending upon the nature of relationship between the sender and the receiver. For convenience of those in need a few sample business away messages are being provided below.

Sample Business Away Messages

  • Dear Mr. Davis Rooster, I hope you are comfortable at the conference in New Orleans, and that all the arrangements for your stay there are up to the mark. We appreciate you being present to represent our organisation at the international event. In case you have any requirements there, please contact the concierge.
  • [blockquote]Dear dad, I know you are away on a business trip and that it is very important. I have been selected in the spelling bee contest to represent my school. I wish you can finish your work and make it to the competition. I really want to see you there, love Jamie.[/blockquote]
  • Dear Jenna it has been so long since the last time we had a girl’s night out. I really miss those days of care free youth when we wandered around with no worry. I miss you and hope that work is going great. Hope to see you son, let me know when you are back in town.
  • Dear John I have been trying to reach you, but I guess you are really busy in meetings and the work. I have to inform you about the health status of your mother here at home. So kindly get back to me whenever you get this message. Dr. Susan.
  • James I really miss you. I understand that work is important and you are away so that you can get us all settled here, but I wish you were here. Janie took her first steps today; I recorded it and am sending a copy of the CD to you.
  • [blockquote]Dear mom you are away at work, I really miss those movie nights and the shopping days out with you. But I understand and only wish for your well being.[/blockquote]

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