Cool Away Messages

Cool away messages are ones that are sent by one who is going away to another place. Due to the sadness attached with the departing of two people these messages help to calm down the emotions. The tone of these messages is very informal and also casual in nature.

Sample Cool Away Messages

  • You are such a friend in my life who is not only so hard to find but also difficult to part with.
  • [blockquote]No matter where I am and going away from you will always be dear to my heart and I will certainly come back at least for the sake of our love.[/blockquote]
  • You are one such treasure who is as precious as gold but don’t worry I am not leaving and going away forever, it is just a temporary separation and we shall be together again.
  • [blockquote]The sense of togetherness brims from feeling deep inside the heart and not physical proximity, so let us entail an eternal closeness.[/blockquote]
  • Closeness is like a powerful tool but you are leaving me as a painful fool.
  • [blockquote]While going away is not so happy one should think about the good times when we can be together again. So cheer up and look forward to the day when we will be together once again.[/blockquote]
  • Even though I am going away I will always make sure to remain in your heart and mind with all the sweet memories that are so hard to forget.
  • [blockquote]You are such a brave heart that you will surely come over my going away, just kidding I am away just for some time and will be back soon.[/blockquote]
  • The importance of one can be understood only when he is away. And now I want all of you to know my importance so I am going away for some time. Miss me!!
  • Being cool even when leaving our near and dear ones is one of the bravest things that only a person like me is capable of doing.
  • It is necessary that we maintain our cool even when going away from each other as we have out grown the stage of crying and weeping on separation.
  • [blockquote]It is really cool to stay away from your loved ones at times as one can learn the lessons of life without any bondage, so let me go and live my life until I come back one day to all of you.[/blockquote]

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