Easter Away Messages

Easter Away Messages are created to let your dear ones know that you will be away for Easter. The messages can be fun-filled or emotional or just good wishes that you can pass on to people whom you know! Here are a few Easter Away Messages that you can send to your friends or family!

Sample Easter Away Messages

  • Hello guys! I will be away for Easter as I will be sitting by my Easter basket waiting for my Easter Bunny! Happy Easter!
  • I will be quite busy during Easter as I have to look for Easter eggs before they are rot!!
  • [blockquote]Hello, I will be out on an Easter egg hunt and so will be away! Have a great Easter![/blockquote]
  • Missing you guys a lot during this Easter! We wish you were here to make this Easter a blaster! Anyways Happy Easter!
  • Hi, I’m away painting my Easter eggs! Oh no! The eggs are now hatching!
  • I’m away hanging out with my Easter bunny!
  • [blockquote]I tried to look for Easter eggs everywhere! But I didn’t find one! I’m finally planning to steal them from little kids around here![/blockquote]
  • Hi Guys, I’m away looking for Easter bunnies that lay colored Eggs!!
  • Hello people! I’m setting out for a date with my Easter bunny this week! So see you all later! Happy Easter!
  • [blockquote]I’m on an adventurous hunt for Easter eggs!! I’m now hiding in the bushes with a few old rotten Easter Eggs and waiting for an Easter bunny to pass by so that I can throw them on him! Isn’t that a great idea!!![/blockquote]
  • I’m away because I feel sad for steeping on my Easter egg! You guys be careful! Happy Easter!
  • I’m out in the garden, awaiting the arrival of my cute Easter Bunny! Have a great Easter!
  • Hi Guys! I’m busy coloring my Easter eggs! Have you guys started too? Wishing you a fun-filled Easter!
  • You know what? I believe in Easter bunnies until I came to know that they do not lay colored eggs! Is that not a good reason! Enjoy your Easter!
  • I’m all set for an Easter egg hunting mission! Pray for me guys!
  • I’m hopping around my garden trying to catch the bunny that stole my Easter egg! I’ll be right back!
  • I’m all set for a fun-filled Easter! Wish you all the same too!

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