Funny Away Messages

Funny Away messages are for sure capable of bringing a smile on people’s face when you send it to them. The messages contain the information that you would be away for a certain period of time but expresses it in a funny way.

This eases the heart and mind of those close people who would miss you when you are away. Here are some funny messages that you can send.

Sample Funny Away Messages

  • I’m just going to the backyard to do some goat farming! Goats are crazy you know! So I’ll be back soon!
  • I’m going out to look for myself! So remember to ask me to wait when I’m back. Ok?!
  • Me not here! Me going bye bye! So do leave a message! And me will reply!
  • [blockquote]I will be right back! The trees outside seems to feel a lot lonely! So I shall go and hug them to make them feel happy![/blockquote]
  • You know what? Don’t believe your computer! Because I’m not really away and your computer seems to be telling you lie!
  • I bet that you are happy to see my away message! But dare you! I would not let you stay happy for long because I will be back in a few long hours!
  • Hey guys! I may be away or may be just wanted to stop talking to you!
  • I’m away at home doing a little bit of home-work! Catch you guys soon!
  • Hello guys! I’m currently away from this place and all I would like you to do is to make sure to leave your name and your number so that I can think of stalking you!!
  • [blockquote]I’m away and you want to know the reason? I was so bored that I hit my life with a stick and made it run! Now I’m chasing it and I shall be right back once I catch hold of it![/blockquote]
  • I was trying to count the number of times you have made me smile and I seem to be missing the count every time! So please excuse me for a little while! I shall be right back!
  • [blockquote]I will not be available for some time as I will be in the process of studying the back of my eyelids. I’m I not fascinating?! I know I know!![/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]I’m trying to avoid someone very sincerely and so if you don’t find me responding then it is you!![/blockquote]

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