Funny Love Away Text Messages

Funny love away messages are those messages that are sent to a loved one when he/she is away. These messages are funny in tone so as to cheer up the person who is away.

They are sent in the form of messages or set as status through mobile or any other social media networking sites. Few funny love messages are listed below.

SampleFunny Love Away Text Messages

  • [blockquote]Since I am very far from you here is a piece of advice, please don’t fall for any other person. I am not there to catch you.[/blockquote]
  • Please answer my calls regularly. Sometimes, I feel in our long distance relationship, only long distance exists!
  • [blockquote]I realized that we don’t have to see someone to feel assured of the love. It’s enough that if we close our eyes and think of the person.[/blockquote]
  • Distance doesn’t count when person who matters the most counts.
  • [blockquote]A thing of beauty is joy forever in life. Its charm increases day by day, the more far we go the more lovable it turns.[/blockquote]
  • Looking at the stars every night, in spite of the distance we see the same light. It tells us how much we love each other and the distance doesn’t bother.
  • I want to tell you good night at the end of the day, since you are miles away. Girl! Please pick up your phone I say.
  • From morning till evening I came across all the alphabets except one. It’s U, [highlight highlightColor=”highlight-lightblue” ]I miss U.[/highlight]
  • [blockquote]In the morning I fell in love with you, at the very first sight. As I walked away I fell down at many places, bad plight. Is this that they call falling in love all over again and again?[/blockquote]
  • Every one asked me to celebrate my valentine’s day with the one I loved; here I am celebrating it with my pizza. Sorry but, I miss you.
  • [blockquote]If you choose to go away, I choose to walk my way. I shall hold your hands and walk with you.[/blockquote]
  • When our meeting was regular, love got harder. It’s when we don’t see each other, our love gets stronger.
  • [blockquote]I am lucky you don’t get to see the face I make when I read your messages. Hail the distance.[/blockquote]
  • Anyone can get your attention when you are together, always. But it takes one special person to catch you attention from far off place.

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