Funny Romantic Away Messages

Funny romantic away messages are ones that are sent by a person to their loved ones. These messages help to kindle the feelings of romance even when two people are away from each other.

Also making them funny adds more to the feelings of love for each other. These messages have a very romantic and emotional tone.

Sample Funny Romantic Away Messages

  • [blockquote]]I am Okay now, I shall be okay tomorrow. I will be fine day after tomorrow, and I will become amazing when you return![/blockquote
  • Our love has no boundaries, it’s still strong, let us fall in love again and again breaking the boundaries, and lets prove it. Come on; please send me a flight ticket!
  • [blockquote]There is no “away” for love. It always finds a way to bring two little hearts closer and closer…only my telephone bill knows the real price![/blockquote]
  • Someone told me long distance relationship does not work…I bet it can. I don’t see any local relationship magic, except seeing everyday to sort out fights.
  • [blockquote]I feel our love is better this way, I don’t have to spend half a day thinking on what to wear when we meet because we are staying away.[/blockquote]
  • Some say distance makes our love very bitter, but I say distance makes our love sweeter and even sweetest, many thanks to all the chocolates you send.
  • Distance means so little to me, because you mean so much to me, and your gifts more than that.
  • From the day distance came in between both of us, I spend most time of my time sleeping, because I see you in my dreams.
  • [blockquote]I wonder how people tell staying away can break a relationship, you fight less, you irritate less, you throw less tantrums, and I guess I love you more at this distance between us.[/blockquote]
  • I don’t miss you; I just miss you and me being together.
  • I live very far away, but your voice rings through the phone any way, which gives me joy all the way, will you pay [highlight highlightColor=”highlight-lightblue” ]my bill please say![/highlight]
  • Some say love is blind; probably it’s the same love which binds us even when we don’t see each other.
  • Dream, dream and dream, from the morning till the evening, I shall come down to you laughing and singing.
  • Close your eyes and open your heart, you will find me nagging you from miles apart!

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