Going Away Text Messages

Going away text messages are messages which are sent to loved ones at the time of leaving. This separation can be due to various reasons like happy farewell, wedding, long distance travel, heart break, etc.

These messages have a sad tone attached to them. They can convey distress, regret, a promise, sadness etc. Below are some going away text messages at various contexts.

Sample Going Away Text Messages

  • [blockquote]I am going far away from you, but can see your success taste your happiness and feel your joy. Bye bye my dear friend.[/blockquote]
  • Even though I say bye, wish we meet somewhere very soon.
  • I have started walking when I was two, and then found it very easy. But walking alone seems very difficult now without you.
  • [blockquote]Good comes with bad, Sometimes smile comes when we are sad, even if move away life goes on its way.[/blockquote]
  • Here now, we are torn apart, but friendship in our heart never departs.
  • Here I run away, with hope your finding a new way.
  • [blockquote]Wish to thank you for all the love, happiness and mischief we have shared, wish to hold on, but for good it’s a good bye.[/blockquote]
  • Its takes a long time to find the real good in good bye.
  • We played cheap pranks, did worst mischief’s to gather, got lot of scolding’s from many, that time it never hurt, but this going away of yours does.
  • I think we have been having over does of this “US”, so let’s stay away from each other.
  • We have had enough fun, so we shall move on, not saying good bye, but let’s call it as probation.
  • [blockquote]I am thrilled that we are drifting apart to meet each other sometime, when we are full grown doing totally different things, and remembering these day’s nonsense.[/blockquote]
  • The reason, why I don’t think about you is, if I think I would not leave you.
  • It’s a blessing in life to have someone, with whom we find it very difficult to say goodbye. And it’s a boon to get that person back in life very soon,
  • [blockquote]A road to your place has never been long, so from here to there I come along.[/blockquote]
  • Here heartfelt wishes for a happy and prosperous life ahead, wish to see you soon.

The sand grains cannot be counted so does the smile you brought on our face, I’m going away, but taking your memories all my way.

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