Valentine’s Day Away Messages

Valentine’s Day away messages are special messages that people dedicate to their loved ones to let them know how much they love them and miss them.

Valentine’s Day is a special day when everyone around the world would like to spend time with their loved ones and when it is not possible to stay together on this special day, it definitely makes them miss their loved ones a lot.

Sample Valentine’s Day Away Messages

  • [blockquote]I’m missing a special person today. Our moments spent together are sweet memories that I think of everyday. And that makes me miss you even more today![/blockquote] Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • [blockquote]Miles cannot separate you and me. If you wish to spend your time with your loved one, you already are! Valentine’s Day wishes to you.[/blockquote]
  • Your absence is more to me than anyone else’s presence. Missing you on this Valentine’s Day!
  • [blockquote]I did not learn how to be alone in your absence; I rather realized that we cast single shadow on the wall when we are together! Sweet Valentine’s Day wishes.[/blockquote]
  • I don’t mind sleeping forever if dream is the only place where I can see you. Missing you on this Valentine’s Day!
  • Distance is believed to make our hearts grow fonder of the person we love. And that seems to be true. I’m missing you a lot and a lot more on this special day.
  • We are two souls with a single mind and two hearts that beat as one. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • [blockquote]I’m missing you more than a ton on this very special day and I don’t know how to get over it.[/blockquote]
  • Make your absence be felt in such a way that your loved one misses you! But make sure that your absence is not too long for your loved one to start learning to live without you. Enjoy the Valentine’s Day!
  • [blockquote]My love for you is increasing day by day and today I wish you a loving Valentine’s Day![/blockquote]
  • I never knew that missing you can hurt me this much. It’s difficult without you, especially on this Valentine’s Day.
  • It not just what you’ve done for me that makes me love you so much, but the joy you have brought to me! And I miss the joys without you on this special day!
  • If there is something that has made me the best, then that is you! Miss you on this Valentine’s Day!

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