Baby Shower Cake Messages

Baby shower cakes are often made with cute icing on them in keeping with the mood.  Shapes of cartoon characters, a smiling star, iced on top of the cake with peppy wordings will make for a cake that will be remembered for years. 

The messages on the cake can express the happiness, thrill, teasing, and funny spirit of the celebration.

Sample Baby Shower Cake Messages

  • A shower of blessings on your growing family.
  • Welcome to Mary’s boy child (girl child).
  • Come soon, my little star.
  • It has been a long wait for you, dear.
  • Thinking only of you, dear little child.
  • Mama’s waiting for you, dear.
  • May the great expectations come true.
  • All for you, my little one.
  • Waiting for the bundle of joy.
  • Awaiting the rising star.
  • Junior Hannah expected.
  • Your smile is in our thoughts.
  • Blessed with a gift from heaven.
  • Our dream baby coming soon.
  • Best wishes to the child in the womb.
  • God bless you and your little one.
  • East or west, a baby is the best (gift).
  • Cheers to the innocence and charm.
  • Here we are, waiting for you.
  • You are the talk of the day, little one.
  • A bundle of joy for Ma and Pa.
  • Chief guest expected soon.
  • Good health to the new baby.
  • Bonny baby, come soon.
  • Mummy, I’m in your tummy.
  • Home, sweet home ready for you, dear.
  • Crowd here, just to bless you, dear.
  • Best wishes for the transition.

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