Baby Shower Card Messages For Twins

Baby shower messages are sent to bless soon-to-arrive baby for a happy life and the expectant mother for a safe delivery. Baby shower card messages are the messages that are written on the card and are sent to shower your love and blessings on the twins.

These messages are sent with much excitement and joy to bless both the babies.

Sample Baby Shower Card Messages For Twins

  • [blockquote]May the birth of the twin’s babies double your happiness and joys. Happy baby shower and enjoy the journey of your pregnancy.[/blockquote]
  • On your baby shower, I must send double wishes to you. We all know that you will give birth to the twins. I must congratulate you for this doubled happiness. Happy baby shower and May you experience happiness forever.
  • [blockquote]You will surely be an extraordinary mother who will enjoy her motherhood with two babies. I am so excited to play with your twin babies. Happy baby shower and I wish you many happier moments together.[/blockquote]
  • Let me send you double wishes, double congratulations; double presents and doubles happiness on your way. It is your baby shower day. All the best for being a mother of the twins an May you experience a life full of joy and thrill.

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