Baby Shower Card Messages

Baby shower card messages are those messages that you send to a mother-to-be at the event of baby shower. The message must contain words that are encouraging and optimistic, especially if the mother is expecting her first baby.

Expecting moms are sure to appreciate the encouragement that you give them through your words in the baby shower card messages.

Sample Baby Shower Card Messages

  • We are excited to welcome a new little member of your family. Hoping to see your baby soon!
  • [blockquote]Babies are God’s blessings! I’m sure that you will be a great blessing for your baby! Congratulations![/blockquote]
  • I can’t wait to see the new little member of our family. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy and a happy and safe delivery.
  • Wishing you all success for a new life and new experiences. Hearty congratulations for your new baby!
  • [blockquote]Best wishes! I’m sure you are going to enjoy the new change that is going to take place in your life.[/blockquote]
  • Congratulations for your little one! Make sure you let us know if you are in need of any help!
  • We feel great to have a reason to shop for you and for your little one. Hearty congratulations!
  • We are sure that your little miracle is going to change your world and will bring in more meaning to your life!
  • Waiting to see your cute little baby! Wishing you a safe delivery!
  • [blockquote]I’m sure that your little one is going to bring in lots of good memories for you to cherish for a life time! Good luck with your pregnancy![/blockquote]
  • We wish and pray that you get a healthy and loving baby boy or baby girl!
  • I’m sure you will be an excellent mom for your little one-to-be and will enjoy every moment with him or her!
  • Hope you’ll soon meet the pride of your family, a cute little girl or a naughty little boy!
  • Wishing and praying that you have a lifetime of joy and endless happiness cherishing every moment with your cute little one!
  • Wishing you good luck for your pregnancy and praying that God be with you throughout and help you in your delivery!
  • We wish you and the proudly growing family all the best! Congratulations on your little one!
  • Hearty congratulations on the upcoming twin members of your family! May God be with you throughout your pregnancy and wish you a safe delivery!
  • As you must have known, my son Vidhyut is going to be a father soon.  We are arranging a baby shower party on August 31 at 4 p.m.  We wish you will be here with family to partake of the fun.
  • There is going to be an “Alice in Wonderland” theme-based baby shower for my daughter, Vidhya, on September 1, 2010, with lots and lots of fun.  Hope both of you will be here with your little ones to make the occasion colorful and merry.
  • God willingly, we will be conducting a baby shower party for my daughter, Esther, who is entering the seventh month of her confinement on September 5, 2010.  The party will be at 6 p.m. on that day.  We have planned it as an all-ladies party and look forward to a lot of fun and gossip with all you ladies.
  • We wish to pass on the good news that my sister-in-law, Prema, is expecting a baby by the end of next month.  To share our joy with you all, we wish to hold a baby shower in her honor.  Do be present with family and add to the fun.
  • [blockquote]My dear sister, Julie, will soon be a mother.  We would like to make it special for her by arranging a baby shower party.  We would very much like to share the occasion with you, especially the ladies.[/blockquote]

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