Baby Shower Greeting Card Messages

Baby shower is the occasion when both a mother to be and her unborn child are ushered with loads gifts and best wishes from all of their loved ones. Many people would want to get a greeting card for the mother to be and write in all of their wishes and messages. These messages are referred to as the baby shower greeting card messages.

Sample Baby Shower Greeting Card Message

  • Dear Karen, may god bless you and your baby with all the happiness in the world. May she be the brightest of mind and the kindest of heart; happy baby shower Karen, God Bless.
  • Someone is going to be a mother soon. There is no greater joy than spending those nine months with the baby growing inside of you and feeling every movement the baby makes. You are really lucky and I wish you all the very best on the occasion of you baby shower.
  • Here’s wishing the most joyous of times for you and the new baby to be ahead. May the both of you get the best of all the worlds for the exciting months to come! God bless the both of you with loads of love- Vanessa.
  •  It is so amazing to welcome a little someone into your life, he will make the life more beautiful and the time with him will be more precious than anything. I cannot wait to meet your baby boy, happy baby shower dear mother to be.
  • Oh My God, Congratulations dear, it’s really exciting news to hear, I am so, so happy for you. I know it in my heart with complete certainty that you are going to be a great mother, and we are all waiting eagerly to meet the little angel.
  • So you are going to be a mother to a bundle of joy pretty soon. On this occasion all that a friend can say is that congratulations on the baby, she’s almost here and speaking from experience it is going to be the most memorable period for you.
  • The warmth in the heart of a new mother to be and the feeling of worry about what’s going to be; let me tell you dear woman that the moment you see the baby all the worries disappear and all that’s left is the warmth. Wishing you and your baby the warmest, the happiest and the joyous times ahead, God bless the both of you forever and ever.

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