Baby Shower Greeting Messages

Greetings create good will among friends and relatives.  Baby shower greetings are special in that they are for wishing a couple who are about to reach a turning point in their life.

Their life will never be the same again and such greetings, if thoughtful and creative, can remain as long-lasting memories.  The new parents will be more than happy to share their joy.

Sample Baby Shower Greeting Messages

  • Warm wishes for the mom and baby as you prepare for the arrival of that day.
  • Little ones are God’s best gifts to mankind.  Enjoy the gift to your fullest.
  • Warm wishes and prayers for the worthy parents of a worthy little one.
  • I am longing to be there with you for the baby shower.  I am here in person and there in spirit as I send with this special gift for your baby.
  • We are waiting for the day to come in person and greet you for the blessing showered on you.  Congratulations, my dear.
  • Spend your days in joy and warm, loving thoughts as you wait for your bundle of joy.
  • God bless the young couple to welcome the little one into a warm, happy home.
  • Best wishes to cherish each moment, each naughty smile, each little gesture, each day as your little angel arrives.
  • May all your dreams and expectations on the little one come true.
  • The good news had us in raptures, then how it must be for both of you.  We are coming there to share your joy with you.
  • [blockquote]As you approach a new era of sunshine in your life, may the choicest blessings of God be showered on you, keeping you both warm and happy.[/blockquote]

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