Baby Shower Messages for Both Parents

Baby shower messages are usually sent to both the parents to congratulate them on the very soon arrival of a baby. Just thinking about the coming of a new member in a family makes everyone feels exhilarated, and if you choose to top this happiness with a cherry then sending a baby shower message will get the job done perfectly.

Composing this type of message can be very easy, although a proper tone and use of words should be considered especially the level of closeness that you have with the expectant parents. This article is very helpful to those who are having a challenge in creating this type of message for various sample messages are presented here. These sample baby shower messages can be used without any cost, but if you choose to use them as mere guidelines then you may do whatever it is that fits your fancy.  Baby shower messages can have funny, cheerful and warm tone.

  • From newly weds to parents to be the blessing just keeps flowing for both of you. May this flow be endless and I wish you both father and mother to be the best of luck for the new member of your young family. Congratulations!


  • I don’t know if you have perceived having tons of babies as a competition or an achievement but, hey, congratulations on your fifth baby. I was shocked that birthing to six babies is part of you family plan, but thinking that you have been my best friend and has mad quite the most imbecilic decisions in life made me accept your stupid choices. Congratulations again!


  • Time flies so fast but the news are so much faster. I heard about your early journey to motherhood and trust me containing happiness such as this is a challenge which I have failed gloriously. May your baby be bright like both of you and have the looks of the father only for your looks are not charming at all. Kidding! Be happy being a mother and father.


  • Babies are mostly perceived as the products of the absolution in love for both lovers and I congratulate you both for this. The future ahead may be tough but I swear when you come home seeing the happiness behind your baby’s laughter and smiles will melt all the hardship that the world will force on you.


  • A big, big congratulations for my princess and prince-in-law on your first baby. I thought I was going to die from a heart attack when knew I was going to finally be a granddad. I can’t wait to cradle my baby granddaughter in my loving embrace. Congratulations again to both of you.


  • Your happiness in life may have deducted some of mine for all of your time is focused solely on your wife, and now most especially knowing that you are about to have a baby. Goodbye to alcohols and male boy night outs for you and hello to diapers and increase expenses. I’m going to miss you in a short while till that baby becomes old enough to manage himself and you may even bring him should we have male night outs again in the future. Wishing you all he luck and congratulations.

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