Baby Shower Messages for Twin

Baby shower messages for twins, as the name depicts, consists of adorable messages which are sent to the parents who are expecting twins. The method of sending wishes can be a baby card, hand written notes or e-mail messages.

Sample Baby Shower Messages for Twin

  • Two cots, two toys, two nappies in pair

All you need is bountiful love, patience and care

Welcome the blissful twins in the mother’s lap soon

Here we come to bless you with all love and the babies to arrive in full bloom!

  • Your home with be filled with happiness and charm as the twins come with double shares of love for the ‘new’ mumma and papa. May God bless the family with health and wealth for the coming days.
  • Wishing you a very safe and happy delivery and you are about to become a mom of two in one go! Motherhood is such an exciting phase that cannot be explained, just be ready to feel all the fun and warmth of your babies soon!
  • One stops, while the other cry – One plays, while the other sleeps

Twins show ‘double’ loaded funny clips all day long. Congratulations of being blessed with two!

  • So, we are keeping ready everything in two – booties, mittens, towels, cots, toys and bottles. As God blessed us with the twins, may the mother bring them home with the best of health! Happy baby shower my daughter!
  • When life was all stagnant, you got the best of blessings ‘twins’. It must be a great feeling having two lives growing inside; however we are dying to see them and cuddle in our arms. Wish you a very safe delivery and happy motherhood!
  • Double the diapers, Double the toys, Double is a trouble, the life of twins has just begun!  Dear Emma, wishing you a happy twin baby shower and I am praying for your safe delivery.
  • [blockquote]We are very happy to hear that Amy is going to have two cute kids together. May God bless the Mother and bless her with healthy babies. Cheers![/blockquote]
  • I can share your feelings and happiness to be a mother of two. I can recall the birth time of my triplets. I am sending you my heartiest wishes on the occasion of your baby shower. Take care!
  • Twins Babies of Jones is on the Way; let’s celebrate this occasion in a special Way!
  • We are very glad to hear the announcement of twin boys coming to lighten your life. May God bless you with all the happiness in the world!
  • Double the diapers, double the pins, double the sleepers, Tina’s having twins! Have you heard the forecast, its twins! Wishing you a very happy baby shower of your twins! I am waiting to see the sleeping beauties together. Stay blessed.
  • Hello Susan! It’s glad to know that you are going to have twins. I am wishing you a very happy baby shower. Tons of congratulations!

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