Cute Baby Shower Messages

Cute baby shower messages are certainly going to bring smiles on the face of the recipient and they are framed with loving words and good wishes.

These types of messages are sent to celebrate the pregnancy or on the birth of a new baby.  Cute baby shower messages can also be sent along with flowers and cute gifts for the baby.

Sample Cute Baby Shower Messages

  • We are so excited as our neighborhood will soon be filled with the giggling of a cute little baby, May Lord grant all the health and strength to the would be mom! Have a happy motherhood!
  • Baby shower is an occasion where we all pray for the good will of the mother and child; but today we have gathered here to bless you beyond that! May the coming days be filled with all the happiness, contentment and satisfaction you have been yearning for years! We hope to see the cutie very soon!
  • Cute babies are wealth to have, you already have two and we are dying to see the ‘super cute’ one yet to arrive! Wishing you a safe labor and healthy baby! May you come home soon with the most beautiful baby ever seen!
  • Parents are cute babies have too many visitors to handle, and we will not leave a single scope to mingle with the bundle of joy you will soon bring for us. Lots of best wishes for the would-be mother!
  • May motherhood bring upon the glow of happiness and glory of virtues that your child will behold in later years. Many best wishes and blessings to the mother and cute child on the auspicious occasion of baby shower!
  • [blockquote]Congratulations on the birth of a cute little angel…  She will surely make your life bright and joyful…[/blockquote] 
  • Babies are the cutest gifts from God, so this special moment and have a blast with your family…
  • Dear John got the news of you being a father… Loads of congratulations to you and your wife… Will come home soon to see the cute little one…
  • Dear Laura, on your baby shower I can only advice you to start learning to have sleepless nights… The cute is soon to arrive... All the best…
  • Parenthood is the most beautiful feeling and I can imagine what you both must have gone through after taking the cute one in your arms… Congratulations…
  • Wishing good luck, success and happiness to the cute little one.
  • [blockquote] Praying to God for good health of the mother and the baby.[/blockquote]

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