Funny Baby Shower Messages

Funny baby shower messages are sent by the relatives, friends and dear ones to the expecting parents in order to congratulate them and make them more excited about baby’s arrival.

Sample Funny Baby Shower Messages

  • A beautiful day has yet to come

A group of fairies yet to hum

Our little guest is knocking at the door.

O God! Please bless your little lamb.

We want nothing more.

I wish you a very delightful baby shower ceremony.

  • Doll houses or cricket kit?

Clam and quite

or naughty a bit?

Who’s gonna enlighten your house?

A fair Madonna

or a dashing Brad Pit?

Wish your would-be baby a very happy life.

  • Its time to revise all the rhymes

Folklores and lullabies

Cause they can wipe your baby’s eyes.

And lead you to the happy highs.

Wishing you a very happy baby shower ceremony.

  • An angel is coming from heaven to heal all your pain; yes dear just wait for a few days more and your baby will soon crawl all around the floor. Wish your would-be baby a very happy and healthy life.
  • You must be feeling the kicks now; yes we are sure the baby is going to be the greatest footballer and make the parents glow with pride. So get ready to set up a trophy desk for the coming footballer in ‘guise’. Happy baby shower, may God bless you and the child with health, wealth and happiness.
  • [blockquote]Twenty figures, twenty toes, Work going to double, heaven knows! Four little arms to hold tight, four little chicks to kiss at night. We are feeling blessed to share the happiness of pregnancy on the baby shower day! May God bless the mother and the unborn baby![/blockquote]
  • I heard the babies’ sucks, when they are hungry, and you are going to be the new victim. I really cannot wait to meet the new member of your family. I am wishing you a ton of happiness and hoping for your healthy baby.
  • [blockquote]If your baby is born in Africa then what will be the colour of baby’s teeth? You fool! A baby is born without teeth. I am very happy about this good news. May your baby grow healthy under the shadow of your love and affection![/blockquote]
  • I am not an expert on babies yet, but I really think your baby can take care of his Mommy! This boy is your blessing; I am wishing you happy shower ceremony and hoping to join you soon! Take care of your health and stay happy. Accept my heartiest wishes!
  • [blockquote]An unexpected blessing is always a gift. Many congratulations on expecting a beautiful baby. Stay blessed, we are also waiting to meet the little one.[/blockquote]

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