50th Birthday Greeting Messages

50th birthday greeting messages are sent to greet a person who is celebrating his 50th birthday. These messages are sent with lots of respect on the 50th birthday of a person.

The messages are framed with the feelings of love and are comparatively written with the use of simpler English. Such messages are sent as the greeting messages.

Sample 50th Birthday Greeting Messages

  • On your 50th birthday, you should spare a moment to cherish the young man that still lives inside you. Have a happiest 50th birthday and May GOD bless you with much joys, laughter and fun on your way.
  • [blockquote]The face that you got at the age of twenty was the face that GOD gave you. The phase that you will have after your fifties would be the phase that you would earn. Happy 50th Birthday and enjoy every moment of your life with happiness and surprise.[/blockquote]
  • A man, who sees himself as young and wild at fifties as at twenties, is the one who will continue to see him young at eighties. Happy 50th birthday and May you be greeted with happiness on your way.
  • [blockquote]On your 50th birthday, I wish you a very happy and pure birthday. May GOD grant you happiness during your life. [/blockquote]

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