Advance Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

Birthdays are one special event each year that happens to give us the chance to make that special someone feel loved by letting them know that their existence makes a difference to our lives. Advance birthday messages for boyfriend are wished ahead of the birthday and make him feel special, wanted and loved as always.

An advanced birthday message to our boyfriends can really put a smile on their face, and that is all we wish for, to see ‘him’ happy. Here are some great messages to put a smile on their faces.

Sample Advance Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

  • Do you know how wishes work? Well for starters, you cannot tell anyone what you wished for or else your wish is never granted. So let me not wish you anything but hope and pray that all your wishes come true. May all the candles on your cake this year be blown out! A very Happy Birthday in advance!
  • Just wanted to remind you that I have not forgotten that it is your birthday on the (date). I will send a message every day starting from today until your birthday to wish you a Very Happy Birthday!
  • It is that time of the year again when friends would want you to treat them and you would tease them back by asking for a gift. It is so cliché. I however am not asking for a treat, rather hoping I could visit you to surprise you with something I have. A very Happy Birthday in advance to you my sweetheart.
  • I wish that you would not just be happy this birthday but all the rest to come too for I plan to make and keep you happy. Happy Birthday in advance!
  • It is your birthday, and I am happy. It will make you just another year older and more mature so that it is easier for you to deal with me for I hope to wish you on all your birthdays. Happy Birthday in advanced.
  • Knowing you had been one of the best things in my life. I cannot tell you how happy I am for (date) because that was the day that brought both of us that much closer to one another. Happy Birthday in advance my sweetheart.
  • Two days ahead of time, here I wish you a very happy birthday darling. The advance wish is just to declare a dinner party for you on the special night. Thus, keep yourself free and ONLY for me.

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