Bday Party Invitation Messages

Birthdays are always special and such a day surely needs to be celebrated. New parents are always eager when their little bundle of joy completes his or her first year milestone. Kids are eager to celebrate birthdays for the temptation of new toys and colourful gifts, teenagers wish to celebrate for the fun of parties. Adults love the get together of friends or family.

The reasons for celebrations can be many and you may want to send invitation messages to your guests to ensure their presence in the party. Here are some birthday party invitation messages that you can use.

  • There will be cakes, pastries and bun and some absolutely mind blowing fun. Don’t miss your ride, or your train, because our little boy’s birthday party is sure to entertain. Please be present for the celebration, as our baby tomorrow turns one.
  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ]An angel was born to us a year ago. As she completes her first year of life, we want you to be a part of her first milestone and bless her.[/notice]
  • The candles will be blown, and cake will be cut, and this message comes to you as a reminder alert. The celebrations are on, so be present on the day our little one was born.
  • You were the lucky few to hear her first cry, and to hold her in your arm. It that time of the year again, when it’s going to nice and warm. As her most loved uncle and aunts, we request the pleasure of your company on her birthday.
  • Little princess will turn into a lady as she steps into her sixteenth year. We wish to share her journey into another fun phase of life along with you. Please be a part of her birthday celebrations.
  • He is naughty and he is fun and soon the little chubby boy will turn one. We request the pleasure of your company along with your adorable tiny tots to our boy’s first birthday party.
  • The balloons are tied, the festoons are done, and the cake will soon be cut and plated up. We are waiting for you in our dancing shoe, because you won’t be late, or will you? Please come over by 6pm to be a part of our birthday celebrations.
  • [blockquote]Together with my parents, I would like you invite you to my princess tea party that will be held tomorrow. Princess Sasha would love to have you drink tea in her doll’s house and share her birthday cake. So please come and try not to be late.[/blockquote]
  • We are two people but have just one birthday every year. We are toddlers but I am older. This year we will have two cakes and lots of games you can win, so please be present on the birthday of the little twins.
  • I am pretty; I am smart, and my third year I will start. I love yellow, and I love blue, and I, with my parents, would love to see you. So please come uncle, please come aunty, and don’t forget to bring my friends Jinny and Johnny.

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