Birthday Card Messages For Dad

Fathers have immense role in shaping our careers; the way we learn to think and decide are mirror-images of what we see in our parents. The birthday of a father is undoubtedly a very special occasion for his children to celebrate and wish for. Birthday wishes sent to dad are unique and special, exclusive ones meant just to celebrate the day and the relationship shared. Hence, birthday card messages for dad are those special texts that one sends to the father on his birthday. These messages are very particular to the individual, yet some samples have been provided herein.

Birthday Card Messages For Dad :

  • A very Happy Birthday daddy. I love being your “angel” and would love to be so, forever. Hope you live many more years and may we keep having your birthday party year after year.
  • You are not just a dad; you are the world’s best dad. You are not just a dad; you are the best friend one can have. You are not just a dad, you are my support system. Wish you a very happy birthday dad. Please be there right next to me always.
  • The world’s best person of all times was born this day; and I take the opportunity to congratulate him on his birthday and thank him for being my dad. Wish you a very happy birthday daddy.
  • Happy Birthday Dad. Keep celebrating many more birthdays and keep inspiring me for days and years. Thank you for being there in each endeavor that makes up my life.
  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ] To me, the word “dad” means the best teacher, the best friend, the best football coach, the best cook, the best singer, and the best spokesperson, and many more superlatives for your multiple talents – rightly, the best person ever born on earth. Thank you for teaching me the right way to live life and the right attitude to have. Wish you a very Happy Birthday and a happier, longer, and healthier life.[/notice]
  • I love this day of the year for it’s your birthday. This is the day the person who brought me to this earth was born himself. Happy birthday dad.
  • Wish you a very happy birthday dear dad. May you live many more years and keep all of us secured under your love, care, and guidance.
  • [blockquote]Great people must have great birthdays; and since you are the greatest dad ever on this face of the planet, you deserve the best birthday celebration. Happy birthday daddy.[/blockquote]

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